So, if you are here then it means a little one in your home is waiting to celebrate his or her birthday. We send tons of love for your little one on their blessed day. 

Apparently, you will be planning to throw a memorable bash that would make it to your everlasting sweet memories list. Here we are to walk you through some amazing tips to throw a bash that will be remembered forever without having to break your bank. 

Hire professional:

This could probably be the best move. Make a call tell them your budget and book a professional birthday party planners to take care of your birthday party Singapore. Singapore has got some amazing birthday party planners and organizers in the business. 

 Timing Saves You Considerable Amount Of Bucks:

Having your party between 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. can save you considerable amount of bucks. There is no rocket science behind it; it is just that during that period of the day the guest’s do not expect a full meal. So try to pick the time somewhere between after lunch and before dinner.

Start Planning As Early As Possible:

Start planning for the party at least 30 or 40 days prior to the party. The gives you ample time to make a list of the materials required for the bash. When you have prepared the list well ahead before the bash it gives you plenty of time for the purchase, which in turn makes space for the price comparison. This way you can avoid purchasing over priced items at the last minute. Also, listing down earlier will minimize the room of you missing out on things. 

Announce Or Invite Digitally:

Announce about the bash digitally to the guests. Send invites through the social Medias try and avoid paper invitations. By avoiding paper invites you save some money and also the trees, see in a single simple move you become an environmental conservationist.  

Keep Away From Party Stores:

Usually, these type of stores double up the cost of the items as their target audience is very specific. So opt for the normal big box stores so that you do not end up paying much for what you could have brought for half the price. Keep an eye on the sale offers that the ecommerce sites announce occasionally. You could really buy the same quality items very cheaply in the offer sale.

Add The Element Of Entertainment To The Party:

Arrange for some fun games, performers or magicians. But do not let the kids know about the program. Have them as an element of surprise for the kids. Before you opt to go for the outsiders, check whether you have got anybody inside you circle who can perform these activities. This could really be more fun and memorable as you can keep playing the video again and again to them every single time when they visit your home after the event. 

Bake A Homemade Cake:

This probably would not save you much but could be a fun factor if you can bake the cake as a family. When you have your kid around and let them be a part of making their own birthday cake could be fun and also mean something to them. If you have no idea about how to make a cake at home then watch the DIY videos that are available on the internet. Who knows you might be able to have some wonderful memories to cherish about your cake making experience. 

Plan Some No Cost Activities:

Have some activities like keep up the balloon, musical chair, freeze dance, hot potato etc. This sort of classic games will keep the kids engaged as well entertain the guests too. And what is more advantageous is that these classic games do not require much extra props. 

Try To Make Use Of Your Library:

You can use this option if you have suddenly chosen to have a bash without any prior planning. Allow the kids to watch some videos or read books out loud to the other kids. You can even go for a story telling session. It is always fun to listen to kids telling stories.