Hygiene does not stop at taking your day or evening shower. There is a lot more that you need to do with yourself to avoid looking a mess. More sop, who doesn’t want to make an impression: especially at the workplace. To get respect at your job, you need to show yourself some respect too. Through proper grooming of course. It is why you should equip yourself with a wet shaving guide. It will go a long way in making you stand out in the crowd: you don’t have to read out a fantastic speech. 

When you talk about being groomed, you talk about consistency. It is not something you only do when you have a meeting at work or when you are off to team building. You have to live it every other day. Yes, the person who you deem well-groomed makes some effort to it: a significant amount of it for that matter. What are the tricks? Give the following practices a try, and you will get attention for all the right reasons.

1. Spend on quality hair products

If it is hair shampoo, consult your barber or hair specialist. Not every product is meant for you. Also, it is about time that you paid attention to the stickers on the various hair products at the store. Different hair types will require you to use specific products. Quality comes at a price. You should not shy away from spending a couple of dollars to get the best products for your hair. It will surely pay off.

2. Tame your facial hair

Nothing will make you look confused and carefree than unkempt facial hair. Take care of it! It can be gross sometimes. For instance, picture the IT support guy coming to lean over your desk to fix something with nose hair peeping all over. Yes! That is what you do not need to look like. It will require you some effort to make sure that stray hair is not your portion. Invest in good clippers and make it a habit, take care of your business, no strays should be visible to your colleagues. It is gross. Your facial hair needs to be neat too. It does not have to wait a month or so for you to visit your barber. You know how fast your hair grows. Take it upon you to ensure that it does not go wild. 

3. Invest in a signature cologne

Away with the sweaty smell. You cannot afford to smell like sweat early in the morning. How to go about it? Care to invest in a nice cologne. Be sure to get quality lest you will be disappointed. It does not mean that you have to get a cologne that is too strong that only ends up giving your colleagues a headache. Get an excellent cologne that you will also stick to for a while. You need something that people at work can identify you with.

4. Some pedicure will do

On a serious note, you need to take care of your feet. Yes, you do wear closed shoes, and nobody will probably get or need to see how your feet look like. That does not mean it is time for you to neglect them. Treat yourself to some pedicure on a regular basis. Get your toenails done and your feet scrubbed. Personal hygiene does not have to be for the show. It is more of innate. Observe proper grooming even when no one is watching. 

5. Exfoliate

Do you have an idea of how blackheads are disturbing? Just like stray nose hair, avoid them like the plague. And the best way to get rid of the blackheads is by exfoliating. Doing it at least twice a week is a great way to get started. An adequately groomed person looks bright. Dead skin does not help in achieving a well-kempt look. Remove the dead skin, and you will always look fresh. A healthy looking skin reflects a well-groomed person. There is plenty of good and quality products in the market that could come in handy for that. Also, remember to use ones that are right for your skin.

The five tips will help you achieve a groomed look at all times without breaking a sweat: that is, provided you make it routine.