Trade fairs, conventions, and expos are each very challenging affairs. Each requires a lot of planning, managing, and finally, execution. And it can be hard to perfect an event even if you spent weeks preparing for your business’s booth at a large gathering. 

While every company has different goals for these kinds of occasions, everyone is united by similar objectives: to stand out, to put your company’s name out there, and to gain recognition from potential markets. Regardless if you are attending your first or your third convention where you need to set up a booth, keep in mind these tips so that you can achieve your goals.

Think of a tagline

A tagline is a short and often witty remark or subtitle that works hand in hand with your logo. It also says a lot about your branding: your slogan can be humorous, deadpan, or mind-boggling, which you can use to gain traction with passers-by.

If you do not have a tagline yet, you should consider thinking of one to display in your booth.

Use banners

If you are starting small, you may not have the budget for LCD screens or projectors. If that is the case, worry not: banners are just as effective as any print medium. Although they are static, the content of banners requires a lot of creativity. When used effectively, you will be turning heads in no time at all.

Know where to get the best banner for your event. Websites like is a good start. Educate yourself on the different types of banners and plan accordingly.

Do not bombard your audience

While it may be tempting to show all your achievements, products, or services in your booth, it is always wiser not to bombard people with all this information. If they see a cluttered booth, then the chances are they will not even fully understand what your company is about.

Choose a centrepiece

In relation to the previous tip, instead of going overdrive on your company profile and products, choose one aspect of your booth that you want your audience to remember. Consider using a horizontal banner that contains your witty tagline. Or maybe you can use a monochromatic colour palette, then place your latest product on a contrasting coloured table. The possibilities are endless.

Do not forget your background

The background of your booth is just as important as your setup on the table, your presentation, your product, and your team as the presenters. Do not make the mistake of leaving your back wall bare and lifeless. That is space wasted.

Use the wall as an integral part of your setup. You can also use a step-and-repeat type of banner as a backdrop, which is not just an effective marketing strategy, but also an easy fix to decorating an otherwise colourless wall.

Put it all together

Creating a booth that will stand out requires you as the planner to see the entire space as a whole. Make the different parts work together to deliver the message that you want to give out. With this in mind, you will pull off successful and unforgettable booths one after the other.