Did you know there are many ways to help the underprivileged? Many of the people born in countries across the globe do not have access to the many things that are often taken for granted in the United States, such as clean water, fresh food, education, and even comfortable clothes to wear. 

Many women living in these countries do not have equal rights and are treated poorly compared to the men living in the same areas. Although it is frustrating, there are ways to make a difference by getting involved with some of the different international charities.

Feed the Children
The Feed the Children organization is an international charity that strives to provide nourishing meals for hungry children in the United States as well as children living in different countries across the globe, such as Uganda, Haiti, and Malawi. The organization accepts donations in an attempt to put a stop to hunger so that all children can have meals to eat, whether they live in poverty or not. Volunteers who work for the organization purchase food and accept donations to bring food to children in the United States and in different areas around the world, delivering these items and making sure the children will not have to go hungry.
No child should ever have to go hungry. Unfortunately, it is something that happens more often than most people even realize. By supporting an international charity like this, you can do your part to make sure a child gets a meal at the end of the day instead of falling asleep on an empty stomach again.
The goal of UNESCO is to improve the lives of the underprivileged by giving them opportunities that could potentially change their lives for the better. It is important to make sure these underprivileged individuals have a chance to receive an education that could get them further in life and help them put a stop to the vicious poverty cycle they may have been in for quite some time. Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva has developed a foundation that is meant for the people living in countries across the globe, many of whom would not have access to the best educational opportunities if it were not for the UNESCO organization.
Charity Water
One of the things most people take for granted is fresh, clean water. It is something that is used regularly to bathe in, to drink, and even to wash dishes and most people do not give it much thought. However, there are people living in other countries who do not even have access to fresh water. The water they are consuming may be dirty and contaminated, making it difficult for them to drink, cook with, or even use to clean their clothes. Can you imagine what life would be like if you did not have fresh water to drink?
While it is sad to even think about people not having access to something so simple, there is a way to help. There are different organizations that focus on improving the condition of the water in different countries where most people are living in poverty. Charity Water is one of those organizations that focuses on bringing fresh, sanitized water to the people who need it. The great thing about this organization is that they currently receive donations from private donors to cover the full cost of operations, which means the money you choose to donate to this organization will go straight to those in need of the fresh water.
The Global Fund For Women
Another fantastic organization you should know about is the Global Fund for Women. While women may often be viewed as equals in the United States, this is not the case in most other areas around the world. Many of the women living in other countries do not have access to the same opportunities as men and are not treated fairly, but that is the reason this organization exists. The purpose of the organization is to bring awareness to women’s rights while providing support and various services that can help women in countries where they are often viewed as second-class citizens compared to the men that are living in the same area.
Women deserve to live their lives freely without being abused, enslaved, or treated poorly. The women who support this organization are bold, strong, and determined women who strive to fight for the rights of other women, even if it means taking risks and going through obstacles along the way. The main goal is to get different places around the world to change their views and update their laws to allow women to have the same rights as men.
While there are thousands of charitable organizations in existence, these are four of the international charities you should know a bit more about. These charities are changing and improving the lives of many people by ensuring they have fresh food to eat, clean water to drink and use, access to education, and equal rights.