Have you ever found yourself struggling to complete a book on several occasions? Well, you’re not the only one. Whether reading for a school assignment on a deadline or simply trying to impress your book club members on your next meeting, reading laziness might hold you back a great deal. Good news is, you can easily turn this around and greatly enhance your reading experience. Think about finishing that book in a single day. That would be awesome, right?

Improving your reading speed, especially for a lazy reader, may seem like an intimidating affair at first, and that is quite understandable. The truth is, speed reading is a skill that can be developed over time. On average, an adult reads about 300 words per minute, which, when calculated into the average novel length of 80,000 words, gives an estimation of slightly over 4 hours to complete. Do you think you can match that? 

It may seem like a stretch, but figures don’t lie and it is absolutely doable. Usually, when people want to beat reading laziness, they resort to speeding techniques promoted by a number of individuals and applications. These tactics, however, have a negative effect on content absorption. Yes, you may get the speed, but what about information absorption?

With a few easy hacks, you can boost your reading experience while reading at a manageable pace and retaining as much information as possible. So get yourself a new bestseller, cheaply, with the use of promo codes in reputable stores and apply these 3 simple hacks to help you turn around your lazy reading habit:

1. Location Matters

Your reading location matters a lot. An area free from distraction is the ideal location if you want to enhance your reading experience. Distraction ranks highest in the factors that contribute to your reading laziness. As such, managing this factor is very important. Distraction comes in many different forms, carefully concealed in everyday activities. The internet, for starters, packs a lot of distracting elements. 

They include, but not limited to, email notifications, instant messages, and the need to constantly check on social media and news feed. Your family too, including spouse and children may constantly divert your attention from reading. Friends who make random call and visits, games, television are among many other distractions that pull you away from reading. The list is virtually endless.

To counter this, you need to isolate yourself. You should consider locking yourself in a quiet room and probably wear earplugs. The location should also be comfortable, just enough to keep you up to speed. Too much comfort can lull you to sleep, which won’t do your efforts any good. With optimal comfort, you can concentrate and read for a long time and consequently cover much.

2. Take Breaks

As much as you want to cover much in minimal time, doing so without a break will only wear you down. You obviously don’t want that, do you? It is, therefore, ideal to take regular breaks. They ensure that your motivation and energy are maintained at an all-time high. You should determine your concentration span and schedule your breaks accordingly. Normally, concentrating for 20 minutes or slightly more, depending on your concentration span helps to maximize your information absorption. Afterward, give yourself a short break. Energize yourself during this time by doing an activity that boosts your energy levels.

Alternatively, you can divide up your book into sections that you purpose to cover before taking a break. At the end of each section, do an activity that will keep you going. Always make sure it is something unrelated and fun. You can play a game, do some exercises or even watch a short episode for your favorite TV show. It entirely depends on your preferences.

3. Make Short Notes

Noting down important parts or sections you don’t want to forget helps keep your mind active. Focusing on reading alone can be quite monotonous and drain you out faster. It may also work against content retention. When writing down, you get to better internalize the information. You should, however, be as brief as possible. The notes may come in handy during book club discussions or presentation in school.

Reading a book can be a fulfilling experience for many, but not when it comes with a struggle. For lazy readers, it may be tough to complete a single book, taking them rather long. However, with the above mentioned easy hacks, they too can maximize the enjoyment derived from reading books and better still, do so in good time.