Artificial turf has continued to replace real grass playing fields for a wide number of reasons. It has been introduced into schools, sports clubs and even world class stadia. There is no arena in the world today where you won’t find synthetic turf of some sort, it is highly advantageous, and all kinds of people can benefit from its installation. 

All Weather Playing Surface
If you allow teams to play on a natural grass field during moderate to heavy rain, you’ll destroy your field. The grass will get cut up and you’ll leave your grounds staff with a lot of work to do to repair the damage. You’ll need to replant a large portion of the surface and give it time to regrow, this means prohibiting any type of activity for several days or even weeks depending on the damage. If you’ve had a synthetic grass surface installed in your facility, school or other establishment, you won’t have to worry about the weather. Artificial fields can be used all year round, even heavy rain won’t affect the surface, it will stay as good as new once properly maintained. 

Environmental Factors
Installing synthetic grass surfaces on your premises has a marked impact on the environment. Synthetic playing fields require a lot less water than natural fields, you don’t need to water the grass during the summer months to ensure growth, the surface is always pristine throughout the year. Synthetic turf saves billions of gallons of water every year, making it perfect for eco-conscious individuals. 

If you currently practice on a natural playing field, you’ll understand the dangers of pesticide use. Synthetic fields eliminate the risk of harmful pesticides and fertilisers, they don’t require any kind of substance to destroy insects or weeds. By reducing the need for pesticides, you help to protect the wildlife and ecosystem around you. 

Having synthetic grass means you don’t need to have it cut, lawn mowers produce pollution, by choosing an artificial field, you eliminate the need for gardening and maintenance. 

Return on Investment
If you invest in an artificial playing field, the surface will pay for itself in a short period. It is a cost-effective investment which will see you regain your money in less than 5 years. There is very little maintenance in a synthetic surface, the only thing you may need to do is install a replacement surface, that still doesn’t equate to the amount of money you spend on a natural grass pitch. 

If you are living in a highly developed, urbanised environment, there probably isn’t much room for a natural grass playing field. You can maximise your space by installing a synthetic playing surface, it is excellent for areas which have limited access to open grass fields. 

Improves Sports Performance
We’ve all played on a lumpy, bumpy playing surfaces which had a dramatic effect on our game, causing us to underperform, maybe resulting in a big loss or humiliation. You don’t experience the same problems on an artificial pitch, it provides an exceptional playing surface that suits technical, hardworking teams. It is also excellent at allowing managers and coaches to run proper training sessions during adverse weather conditions. Players are safer playing and training on artificial grass

The moment you install synthetic grass, it is ready for use, unlike natural grass playing fields. It is highly durable and allows thousands of hours playing time each year without requiring a break. The pitch surface stays consistent, giving players an immaculate sports arena. It is versatile, environmentally friendly and teams can use the facility all year round.