Christmas is the time when people are merry and cheery. It is the time of the year when the desired gifts of people are brought to them by Santa Claus all the way from the North Pole (It may be a silly story made up by people in the past, but it sure does turn up the excitement of children by a notch.) 

But we all are aware of the real hero of Christmas which actually makes it special ... are gifts. Now, the main point of giving someone gifts is to make them happy by gifting them something of their own choice. Something they would actually enjoy.  

If you have to gift someone interested in arts and crafts, then a kit of paints and crayons or a sketchbook would be wise. If someone is a whiz kid interested in chess, then something related to chess would be a wonderful idea.  

We will focus on ideas of Christmas gifts for chess lovers. 

The most obvious and foremost gift one could buy for a chess lover is a chess set, but what we do not actually realize is that chess sets come in a variety of unique ways too. Few examples are given below: 

Huge Chess Set: 
A giant size chess set, bigger than a newborn, could act as a great gift for these people. It would be unique and something they would actually enjoy too. And if they do not want to play chess with it then it can always be used as a decoration piece in their home showing their love for this amazing game.  

Harry Potter Chess Set: 
Two birds with one stone. If someone is in love with chess along with harrying potter, then you will probably hit a jackpot with the kind of chess set which was shown in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. They obviously won't have as much fun as Ron and Harry had while playing but it would still be an awesome experience, I suppose.  

Spare Parts Chess Set: 
A chess set made up of spare parts found in the garage. It would be a perfect combination for people who love chess and do not mind spending their spare time in a garage.  
Now let's talk about someone who loves cooking then this next item would be perfect for them.  

King and Queen Salt and Pepper Shakers: 
These would be a great idea for people who enjoy chess as much as their cooking. These shakers could also act as a decorative item so probably a cool gift to give it to someone who enjoys quirky items.  

Chess Pieces Filled Tie:  
A tie filled with all the pieces of chess would be enough to declare your love for chess to the whole world. It could look eccentric or sophisticated, whatever way you would prefer to carry it.  

These are some of the unorthodox present items you can gift to your relatives who love chess. So, don't wait for any further and buy any one of the above-mentioned presents right at the moment.