When you imagine packing up and moving, you probably see big boxes all being loaded into a van or truck, and then being delivered to their new home. The reality is that many people who pack up for a big move don’t always have a place to take their stuff right away. If there’s too much to store in a family member’s garage, or there’s no nearby family, then short-term storage becomes the most popular choice. However, with so many options, how do people know what type of storage company to choose? Here are some great options for people who are moving and need short-term storage for their belongings.


Cubeit is a handy option that rolls moving & storage solutions into one complete package. The company drops off a storage container at a customer’s home. The customer can take their time loading the container and once it is fully packed, they call Cubeit to come pick up the container. Cubeit keeps the container at one of their 100 storage facilities until the customer is ready to move into their new home. Best of all, Cubeit offers service across Canada so it doesn’t matter how far the belongings need to be taken. Combining the two services is a convenient way for customers to take out some of the stress of moving. However, their prices are higher than simply renting a storage unit and moving the belongings yourself.


Much like Cubeit, BigSteelBox delivers -- as their name suggests -- a big steel box to your home. This 20’ storage container is left while you pack at your own pace. The company’s website stresses that customers can take as long as they want to pack their storage container. Then, when the customer is ready, BigSteelBox will pick up the container and move it to a new location or take it to one of their storage facilities. They claim to have more storage facilities than any of their competitors. One idea they share on their website is to pack slowly and store your belongings in the container until the move date. This would be a great and affordable option if a customer wants to clean out their home for cleaning or repairs but does not actually require a storage facility. Either way, the options are available and having options is always the best way to go.


As a pioneer in the industry, PODS is one of the best-known names for storage and moving. PODS drops off one of their storage containers and picks it up when you’re ready; then they take it to their secure, indoor facility. One major feature that PODS likes to mention is their ability to service Canada and the United States. If you’re moving internationally then PODS may be one of the best options for storage and moving. Of course, PODS cannot handle immigration documents on your behalf so you will want to ensure everything is taken care of before having PODS move your stuff across international borders. Moving is stressful enough without having border guards seize your belongings.

Public Storage

Public Storage is one of the larger storage companies with locations across Canada. Unlike the above options, they do not offer drop-off and pick-up services. While that may be less convenient for some, their prices are unbeatable. If you don’t mind moving boxes to and from their storage facility then there may not be another option that offers better value. For example, they offer ongoing promotions to attract new customers. These promotions are fantastic for people that require short-term storage. Their website advertises “$1 storage for your first month” and “50% off storage for 3 months.” Both of those offers are a huge cost savings, which is important because moving is expensive enough as-is. Those two offers are not stackable so you will have to choose whichever one works best for your needs. As well, they note that not all locations have those offers, so you will want to clarify if the location nearest you is participating in any special offers.

Shop Around For Your Best Deal

The above options only scratch the surface of what’s available for storage options in Canada when moving. Some local storage solutions may offer very low rates with the obvious downside of not offering coast-to-coast service. Also, ask yourself how much moving is worth to you. While companies like PODS may charge more than renting a moving van and doing the moving yourself, the service they offer may be worth the extra expense. Set your budget, shop around, and happy moving!