One clean morning you wake up with a clear idea on the mind: “I know what I want! Play guitar, sure! I want to be a popular like a rock star! Why I’m spending time at this poor job?” Or something likes this. 

With all your enthusiasm you are going to learn chords and sheet lists. You open “YouTube” page for some kind of tutorial, listen explanations from a tutor at the screen, bring at hands your acoustic guitar and… stop, one moment. Do you have guitar? Oh God, it’s from where we should start!

Step 1

HEY MAN WHERE'S MY GUITAR. So if you seriously approach to the task let’s start from the main element – guitar. Then you choose it the main references you must get are guitar’s material, fret board and kind of strings. 

Metal strings in the game produce a clearer sound, but at the same time they mercilessly rub the calluses on the pads of the fingers; when as nylon strings more sparing at the "callosist" attitude, but they sound less pure, with certain muffled intonations. The beginner is advised to start acquaintance with the guitar, which will stretch the nylon strings.

So if you don’t want to bury your head at this detail right now at this page:  you get almost productive information about what you need and WHY you must get this one. At this site you can also find a productive guide about strings and another technical stuff for your little “baby”.

Step 2

I got guitar, got desire, so what the next? At the beginning of your studying I fully recommend you to bring stickers with notes. You can do this in several ways, but the easiest and the most convenient is to buy and paste stickers with notes on the fret of the guitar. A lot number of teachers are advised this method since the marks of notes are always before the eyes. The notes on the fret board are memorized mechanically. A set of stickers with notes will be useful for both beginners and advanced guitarists. 

So you got it or make by yourself, find a nice book of the sheet notes and ready for playing a popular classic like… Wait! Not so fast, why you so impulsive? For a while get ready to start from a simple strings pulling. One-two days only it, don’t start from a global songs. You must learn how accords have sounded at which is how. After this you can start for a next step. 

Step 3

Mama, I have hear this song being young, now I’m playing it! So by this step you can slowly-slowly play what songs what you can. For a moment: do not start from a hard. You are not a master, only a beginner! It’s not bad that you want to be professional now and RIGHT now, but it’s impossible! Remember from here all your favorite musician is started. It’s not a Beethoven Symphony. It a nice easy songs that you can hear at the schoolyard or like a traditional Scotland’s motive. Don’t try to jump over your head. Equal a skills with dreams. 

Step 4

I need my personal teacher. Or group of beginners like me. Or a girlfriend, maybe… If you learn all simplest like a “little spider” and hardest motives, like you think. If your bleeding fingers are strong like your commitment, you ready to the next massive jump! Your own command! You can say: “No, stop. I need it only to make good impressions at the girl. Like at good romantic movie, you know”. 

So if you have someone at your interest group you have everything. They can help to correct your mistakes and prompt something you couldn't know. The good experience – is the other’s people experience. The best way is to find a teacher for you. It’s the most productive and time saving path at the sound world. So chose on you! And don’t forget about video tutorials and other good stuff that can provide you at this strange and hard world of a performance.

So it’s only four steps for your dream. Fast, right? But how many time and nerves you can spend at the studying stage – no one can say! For a motivation can recommend you movie: “Whiplash”. Not about a guitar player. But it’s talking about how great people are becoming great.