About 80% of the materials in a golf club are made of iron. From that very statistics; it can be seen clearly that the material made from iron forms an integral part of the contents of the golf bag. If that is the reality on ground; then you need the best of these materials to be on top of your game.

We shall take a look into the various materials and what they actually mean to you on the golf course with a view to getting the very best among the available choices when it is time for you to make your pick.

The Various Shafts & Their Uses
There are many of them available on the shelf. The reality of it is that they are made from different materials. The material that was used will determine the results on the golf course. You owe it a duty therefore to carry out a research on the various materials used in the design of the shaft before you place your order. You need that best golf irons for mid handicapper that will deliver the quality to you on the course.

The Fit To Size Club
For your size; there is a club that is ideal. When you get the ideal club that is commensurate with your size; you will be able to put up an excellent performance on the course. Getting this perfect size will not come cheap; it is easy for only professional golfers. As an intermediate or handicapped golfer; you can make do with the available size and still manage to put up a performance.

The Headsize
The choice of this is based on your experience on the golf course and your preferences. Whether the size is big or small is the choice of the golfer, It is observed that beginners prefer the bigger headsize over and above the smaller one because it gives them more room for forgiveness. For the experienced golfers; they go for the one with smaller head with a sweet spot on the center of the face.

Game Level
It is highly important because it will enable you select the right iron set. It is all a golfer needs to determine the type of iron to have in your set.

Understanding About Needs
What exactly do you desire on the course? Individual needs differ. You have to get a clear grasp of what you need before you make your purchase. Reading the online previews of these materials may not be all that important if you did not have a prior understanding of what you actually need.

Cast Iron Or Forged Iron
You have to make your choice between any of the two. Cast iron clubs are the more popular of the two. It is the preferred choice of most of the golfers because it is easily affordable because of the fact that it is mass produced. Those with a higher budget are the people that go for forged iron.