2018 is the year when new and innovative short hairstyles are on the rise. It's the year when men can be as creative about the hairstyles they wear as they want. Nowadays, people want to see original yet fitting short hairstyles. In the sea of regular short hairstyles, there are few creative ones that you need to try this year. 
Disconnected Undercut And Beard

We've seen a rise in the number of men who are wearing this hairstyle and beard style. Here, the undercut fades and disappears in the lower part which would usually be touching the beard. The beard is faded in the top parts so that the gap becomes well-noticed. It creates a sharp look that businessmen appreciate. It's worth the amount of time that it's needed to keep it fresh-looking. That being said, be ready to invest extra time for frequent hairstylist visits. 

A Simple Short Crop

This is the look that men with thick hair are wearing in 2018. The top part is kept a bit longer, while the sides are closely shaved. Men with thick hair don't have to worry about hairstyle to looking puffy or awkward. This is the hairstyle that can help them tame their hair. A short crop will go well with more simple fashion styles. If you're not the type of a guy who wants to be noticed everywhere he walks in, a short crop is for you. It's a regular haircut that you really can't go wrong with.
Spiky Crew Cut

Crew cut hairstyles are very versatile, which is why a lot of men considered it the best haircut this year. Crew cut hairstyles don't have rules. The basic idea is having the top longer, while the sides are much shorter. Apart from that, the possibilities are endless. The spikey crew cut is one of the most popular variations. It's the hairstyle for more casual-looking men who want to spice up their simple hair. Apart from spikey, there are so many more crew hairstyles so that every man can find the one for himself.
Shorter Faux Hawk 

You've probably heard of this one. It's a hairstyle where the top section is pushed forward and then lifted up. Men who have great hairlines are most welcome to try it out in 2018. It's a great way to show off your strong facial features. While the goal here is for the hair to look messy, you still need some structure. This is why a lot of men tend to overuse the hair gels. You need to be careful about this because you could damage your scalp and the hairs.
Textured Faux Hawk With Fade

For men who want to take their hair to the next level in 2018, this hairstyle is a must! If your hair has a rich texture, then you can definitely pull this off. Grow out the top section just a bit longer and use a little bit of hair gel for some structure. The sides should be extremely short, almost entirely shaved. This will create an edgy look that a lot of younger men prefer. It looks exceptionally good with a full grown beard. You can opt for a messy style or for a sleek one. Either way, you'll be satisfied with the end results, just like so many men were in 2018. 

Line Up

In 2018, hair stylists were able to show off their skills and preciseness through the infamous lineup hairstyle. Hairstyliest's task is to make a new and much straighter hairline for you. The final look they create is extremely sharp and professional. It's an excellent option for men who are ready to spend extra time and money to visit the hair salon often. It requires a lot of maintenance, but everyone would agree that it's worth it in the end. The effect is even bigger when you pair the lineup haircut with a similarly well-shaped beard. It will make your whole face look harmonious and symmetrical.
Textured And Cropped

The hair can look textured even when it's short. All you need is a good comb and some hair gel. Carefully comb your hair in different directions on your head. This is how many men in 2018 faked having highly-textured hair despite it being short. This hairstyle came straight out of fashion magazines, which is why it's mostly worn by highly-fashionable men. They tend to pair it with creative and innovative clothes combinations. It's a style that never fails. Men who wear this hairstyle tend to color their hair crazy colors. That way, the texture is easily noticed. 
Sweep Back With A Twirl

Men who choose little unique details for spicing up their appearance are wearing this haircut. The top section is just long enough to be swept back. The hair ends on the back should be twisted and secured with a hair gel or hairspray. This will kill the monotony that often comes with short hairstyles. It will also make you look unique since this hairstyle is not that well-known. You'll definitely be noticed with it.
Hard Side Part 

This innovative hairstyle is a quite simple yet effective way of making your appearance seem more special and high-end. The hairstylist will create a shaved line in the scalp. This line will create extreme contrast and definition. Since the line is on the side, it's a fantastic hairstyle for men whose hairlines are receding. Depending on how thick the line is, you can hide the sparse areas on the sides quite well. It's also yet another very classy look that's perfect for gentlemen and those who are highly fashionable.

Who would've guessed that 2018 would be such a refreshing year for short hairstyles? We've already seen so many unique styles come and go. They all left their marks on the whole beauty and fashion industry. When you think „short hairstyle“, you usually don't think of something unique or versatile. These hairstyles proved that to be wrong. Each man can pick one short hairstyle and go with it.