Making the decision to contest a traffic citation, speeding ticket or dui charge is not an easy one, and certainly one that should not be taken lightly. Your clean driving record, insurance premiums, or (in certain cases of allegedly driving under the influence, your freedom) might be at stake. Thus, you want to give yourself the very best chance of securing a favorable outcome. This prompts the question of who can present the best dui, speeding or red light camera ticket defense: you or a lawyer? 

Unless you have an extensive knowledge of the state's traffic statutes or easy access to a legal library (along with a familiarity of legal terminology), then the answer to the aforementioned question is likely a simple one: a lawyer. Yet your hesitancy to work with one is understandable; after all, such assistance may cost you more money. However, consider the following five advantages to having an attorney manage your case: 

1. An attorney brings knowledge and experience you cannot match: You trust your doctor to diagnose your health conditions because he or she dedicated years of schooling to honing his or her craft, and he or she works with patients every day. The same principle applies to attorneys. 

2. An attorney helps to level the playing field: Those prosecuting your case are hoping that your lack of understanding of the law (as well as courtroom proceedings) will give them a built-in advantage. You can cripple that advantage by bringing a lawyer in with you. 

3. An attorney has the backing of his or her law firm: Your lawyer has a team of paralegals, clerks and other professionals working behind the scenes to ensure that every available resource is put towards supporting your case. 

4. An attorney is cost-effective: Considering what you could be facing in fines and indirect costs (such as increased insurance costs), working with an attorney might actually save you money over the long term. 

5. An attorney fights for you: Attorneys have no hidden agendas or personal motives; their only responsibility is to represent you to the best of their abilities. 

Given all that may be at stake in your case, why would you not want the very best resources fighting for your side? In this case, "the very best resources" includes the top traffic ticket fixers Los Angeles has to offer. Such professionals can be found by visiting