Every biker needs to look great on their bike - it’s one of those unspoken rules of the world. But, as every great biker knows, looking stylish and staying safe don’t always come hand-in-hand. 

That’s why we’ve come to save the day with our guide to the motorbiking lifestyle struggle of getting jackets and boots to look the part while on the bike, as well as a couple of other important pieces of gear. Prepare to watch all of your style-safety worries melt away.


Helmets are undoubtedly one of the most important bits of gear for any biker. After all, it’s sitting on your head for hours on end in its whole lifetime. The key factors in finding the right helmet are safety first, then durability and style. Good helmets don’t come dirt cheap, so it’s only natural to want to find one which will last you a good while.

We recommend the Shoei Solid Qwest helmet for safety, style and durability, especially as it comes with quite a few added bonuses. Pull the shield down and you’re riding in total peace and quiet while concentrating hard on the road in front of you. This helmet is also SNELL approved, meaning it meets some pretty rigorous and strict safety criteria. You can certainly count on the Qwest to save your bacon.


As promised, we’ve found some excellent jackets to ensure you look the part when you go out on the bike (and to make sure you come back looking just the same, might we add!). There are many different types of motorbike jackets, ranging from leather to mesh to the styles of touring clothing and adventure gear. Each one has their merits and drawbacks, so it’s really up to you and your own circumstances to choose which jacket you purchase.

Leather jackets are often a favourite among the biking community due to their timeless style and the level of respect one gets for wearing their leathers. We’d recommend the Joe Rocket Classic 92’ leather jacket for a biker who is commuting or going from A to B on their bike. It’s perfect for casual drives, but definitely not for wild, high-speed rides. For those, you’re best off skipping touring clothing and going straight to adventure gear. Touring clothing, though extremely comfortable and infinitely more stylish, is not very safe and you would pay for it if you wore one going round a hairpin bend in the Alps, that’s for sure. 

For the best adventure gear jacket, we’d recommend the Klim Badlands jacket, which is great for safety and style too. Made with an external high-denier nylon shell, it ensures you don’t lose any skin - or bruise any - while riding on the bike. It’s also waterproof, so you’re protected from pesky unpredictable weather. What’s not to love?


Part of the motorbiking lifestyle is, of course, finding the right jeans to wear. You need something reasonable and safe, but don’t want to go out looking like the Michelin Man at the same time. 

We recommend getting jeans with Kevlar reinforcements, so that you can ensure maximum safety while out on your bike. The Dainese Bonneville jeans fit the bill on this occasion and are also very stylish, being designed by Diesel and all. If you’re looking for something a bit safer, we’d recommend the G-Moto denim jeans, lined with aramion fibres on the hips, thighs, knees and bum to ensure the most protection possible.


Finding the right motorbike boots is like searching for a needle in a haystack for many bikers out there. You need boots for all weathers and all seasons so that you don’t have to keep on splashing out every time the rain comes. We think that the best pair of boots come with protection at the heels and on the toes, as well as ones with brace-style ankle support. They also need to be durable and long-lasting, especially if you’re spending a mortgage on them.

We recommend the Formula Hornet boots for all of the reasons we’ve listed above. Pricey they may be, but worth it they absolutely are. They’ll last you quite a while and will definitely protect your feet if you should fall from your bike. They have a Flex Control System allowing your ankle to bend naturally but limit s how far it can bend back. We love these boots, and we’re confident you will too. 

Happy biking!