Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the leading medical solutions to most canine owners. It is extracted from cannabis plant specifically the hemp hence provides one’s dog with relaxing sensation preventing it from contracting chronic pains, cases of anxiety, and chronic diseases like Osteoarthritis, cancer, canine Hip-dysplasia, epilepsy among others. One of the general applications of CBD hemp oil for dogs is reducing the frequency and cases of dog pains, especially in injured, sick, and old canines. Just like any other medication, CBD works best at reducing your pups fear when correctly administered in the right dosage and time. 

This leads to the question, how much of CBD is safe for your dog?

Dogs and other mammals have a specific dosage range that is adjustable depending on the resulting effects and side effects. In consideration to CBD, it is always considered effective to start with very minimal dosage amounts that can pave the way to add if necessary. This is all dependent on your canine's body weight with an mg/kg reference.

For initial usage, administer 0.25-0.5 mg of CBD per Kilogram of the general dog weight on a daily basis. With keen observance, one should increase the dosage in small quantities after a few days till the dog recovers effectively from the specific ailment you were treating. Effective dog recovery marks the maximum dosage adjustment for your dog. You can continue giving this dosage on a daily basis for effective disease control. With continuous side effect recording through observations, one will have the right guidelines o either reduce or increase the amount of CBD dosage.

Is CBD good for your Dog?
Let's face it, resulting health benefits of CBD are overwhelming and recommended to all canine owners. According to the detailed CertaPet's Article, it treats canine diseases like a seizure, epilepsy, boosts appetite, anxiety reduction, cancer but the truth is not all dogs might benefit from CBD. During the initial application period, the dosage might require effective adjustments depending on the resulting side effects. When in doubt, it is considered wise to consider it as an “Underdosage” as the dosage can always be adjusted to effectively compare the resulting effects. General advice from veterinarians is to start at low dosage levels and slow dosage adjustments.

The Optimum CBD Dosage for your dog

In the measurement, CBD dosage could be administered in the minimal range of milligrams that is adjustable to grams upwards. For first timer pets, the dosage should consider the most minimal dosage in milligrams.

Small Effective Dosage
Effective treatment is favored by small portions of CBD dosage spread in the course of the day instead of a single huge dosage amount. Through monitoring, the resulting effects determine an increase or maintenance of the dosage. Hemp contains both Cannabidiol (CBD) and THC with hemp containing some portions of THC at 0.3%-1.5 % hence large portions of dosage could lead to unwanted effects.

Small Dosage- Stimulate

Large Dosage-Sedate

CBD dog supplements
CBD for dog dosage could be administered in different forms such as: CBD Capsules, CBD Oil for Dogs, CBD dog treats, and Dog biscuits.

CBD has greatly got popularity among veterinary and dog owners owing to its natural nature of treatment. Its treatment nature focuses on the endocannabinoid system that is related to body receptors and central nervous system all over the body and the brain. This result in the effective functioning of the body processes like homeostasis hence improved health. CBD medication is easily available in veterinary hospitals and clinics near you.

CBD dosage is one of the leading canine treatment answers. It relieves dogs from ailments that range from seizure, chronic pain caused by Osteoarthritis, cases of cancer, anxiety, improves appetite, among other general dog health maintenance. Its effective function is greatly dependant on applying the required dosage to prevent unwanted cases that result majorly through single large dosage. CBD dosage best acts under the administration of small quantities. The resulting side effects determine the dosage adjustability.