Description: Max Polyakov, co-founder of Murka, announced a partnership agreement with National Geographic. As a result of the collaboration, the Nat Geo WILD Slots game was produced. Max Polyakov said that the game is aimed to encourage people to help the planet

Image credit: Nat Geo Wild Slots via Facebook

The idea of getting closer to nature through gaming is becoming common. Game developer and publisher, Murka, co-founded by Max Polyakov, and National Geographic Partners LLC entered into a partnership agreement to do just that. As a result of joint teamwork, the Nat Geo Wild Slots game was produced, and wild nature became a part of the slot machine games ecosystem.
The amount of work of Max Polyakov's Murka and partners has expanded beyond just designing the gameplay or admiring the graphics. The global aim is devoted to raising awareness about the planet's wildlife and environment. The players become involved in the game and find out more about the wonders of nature through slot game.

The virtual trip of the game shares the most exciting National Geographic Wild Life Channel moments. The sceneries appear so real in the game that the gamer sees everything almost as it really is. Experiencing wildlife and the most unforgettable places of the planet through the game not only makes users virtually involved in the problems of nature, it also gives them an opportunity to donate real money to charities. Murka's co-founder, Max Polyakov, welcomed this non-profit issue as a philanthropist and initiator of many social initiatives around the world.

The story of Nat Geo Wild Slots started in 2017 as a limited distribution. The app became very popular, and Max Polyakov announced in December, 2017 that it would be available all around the world. National Geographic supported the initiative and Max Polyakov was encouraged by it. For the first time in history, Nat Geo WILD licensed a game to use their exclusive content in a social casino to raise awareness for nature issues.

Image credit: Nat Geo Wild Slots via Facebook

Anyone can download the freemium Nat Geo Wild Slots on App Store or Google Play. Users can play it for free and buy some premium features as they wish. Max Polyakov said that he planned to make the process of donation simpler for users. The game is going to include a feature for making direct donations to protect endangered animals.

Max Polyakov also noted that the collaboration with National Geographic benefits society in at least two ways. Firstly, the game not only entertains people but also encourages players to help the planet. Secondly, the project widens the user’s horizons and provides them with useful educational content. Through their collaboration, National Geographic, Max Polyakov, and Murka can reach a broad audience to make the world a better place to live.