A beginner needs to work really hard to go beyond the status and reach towards the intermediate level. An intermediate golfer knows how to hit down on the ball and make it go up with the irons to make consistent contact with the ball. They know the details of clubhead path and swing plane, all of which are keys to becoming a really good golfer. 

However, the real problem lies within consistency. This inconsistency makes you unsure about which club to use and it even results into disturbing the focus. One thing that holds immense importance is choosing the right club. Even though it may seem easy, there are certain technicalities involved. 

How to choose?

In order to choose the best golf clubs for intermediate golfer, one must take out time to research about the different types of clubs available and how it will impact their game. Here are some factors that can be influential to their game:

● Decide between the shafts made of steel and graphite. Even though graphite shafts are more expensive, they are lighter and swings the club with greater speed. It even increases the distance particularly if you are a novice. However, steel shafts are more appropriate for intermediates who wants more accuracy. 

● Pick a clubhead that is either made of titanium, steel or a combination of both. Steel is relatively cheaper than Titanium but they are heavier. Since they have less weight, the clubhead can be bigger and have a larger surface makes it easier to hit shots. A combination of both materials are not at all recommendable due to the fact that they do no contribute in improving the game.

● Different flexes of shafts must be chosen irrespective of their material. Flex is how much the shaft bends when it is swung. Shafts either bend with good ability or doesn’t bend at all. Consult a professional which has the machine to determine speed of clubhead which is the primary factor in choosing the right shaft.

The ideal clubhead for intermediate

An intermediate golfer must start his game with Game Improvement irons. It would give more control and feel. Consider a regular four iron if you are hitting the irons well, otherwise go for hybrid four. 

Shat selection is crucially important for your in game performance. Choose a shaft that matches the ball flight and swing speed requirements. Wedges can be reconfigured as well. A lob wedge or a gap wedge can be good additions to the club. A wedge with less bounce is recommendable since it allows to hit them off of tighter lies. 


This article described on which club to choose if you are intermediate player. One thing that is constant for all players is to consider customer reviews and brand reputation when choosing the clubs. Never purchase it from a shop that doesn’t hold good reputation. It would not only result into poor performance of the game but also waste your money.