Thinking about rifles, shotguns, and handguns? Enough of that boring, generic stuff. Every article out there can give you droning detail after detail of what the best rifle should be, how many decibels the loudest shotgun can achieve, or how to conceal carry a simple handgun.

Today, you’re going to learn about some of the coolest, shiniest unconventional guns in the world. And without much further ado, here they are:

Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver
The BFR (which may also mean the “Big F***ing Revolver” if the Magnum Research team are as cool as their baby) is every cowboy’s wet dream. It is the biggest and baddest revolver in the market today and the most powerful production single action gun created.

Six inches long and weighing a whopping five and a quarter pounds, the BFR is meant to stand out. You want people to know you have the biggest revolver in the saloon. Hell, you can even attach a scope on it, not only to improve your aim, but also to help you stare down your targets. Ooh, now there’s a thought.

If, however, you don’t want to call attention to yourself, the BFR isn’t exactly a subtle weapon and will only get you in trouble. So for regular self-defense, you may just go small with concealable pistols that have small, lightweight magazines like Glock magazines.

Heckler & Koch HK417
Leave it to zee Germans to create a menace capable of mechanical mayhem. Heckler & Koch’s HK417 is the main battle rifle of the Bundeswehr, a.k.a. the German Army. Look at those nasty zigzags along its frame. They look like teeth just waiting to bite. And if art psychology is true, then rough edges, in contrast to smooth curves, are naturally repulsive to look at. So the HK417’s design increases its intimidation factor against enemies.

The gun is selective fire and gas operated, much like the AK-47, another badass battle rifle which may have been the inspiration for the HK417’s inception. Fully modifiable with various attachments suited for any combat situation, the HK417 can pack a mean punch wherever, whenever. Wunderbar!

Barrett M82
Ah, the poster boy of American military lethality, the Barrett M82 and its variants are the standard issue sniper rifles of many organizations in the US Department of Defense. But being “standard issue” doesn’t mean it’s ordinary. In fact, the M82’s main role is not to snipe individual soldiers, but they’re used to disable armored vehicles, take out radar stations, ground parked planes, etc.

It shares the same .50 BMG ammo that are used by Humvee-mounted M2 machine guns. So imagine how much recoil a single shot from the M82 can give you. But being a high caliber rifle enables it to pierce through thick metal, like with vehicles and satellites. There’s nothing more fear-inducing and draining on troop morale than an invisible sniper taking out artillery trucks, infantry vehicles, and even helicopters.

Kel-Tec KSG
You’ve learned about the biggest revolver, one of the most versatile battle rifles, and perhaps the most lethal sniper rifle in the world. Now get up close and personal with the Kel-Tec KSG, a “not-so-ordinary” tactical shotgun.

What makes it different from other shotguns is that the KSG is built to be ambidextrous. All guns must eject spent bullet casing to clear the barrel for another round. Most guns have their ejection port at the side of their action, usually at the right side, so that the expelled cases will not hit the shooter. The KSG’s ejection port is located below the stock, which means the bullet cases will be dumped toward the ground. That allows an individual to shoot left-handed without fear of getting hit by a spent casing.

Another cool thing about the KSG is that it has dual magazine tubes. That means it can hold twice the number of shells than a regular shotgun or it can switch between two different types of ammo instantaneously.

Fun fact: Keanu Reeves used a KSG in John Wick.

Do You Want to Know More?
These five are just the tip of a NATO round; there are a dozen more guns out there, each with their own unique characteristic and their own lethal function. But you’re not gonna learn much by reading boring articles. You need to go on the websites of gun manufacturer’s to learn about their more “interesting” products. They’re bound to have something that should pique your curiosity.