Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have noticed the recent rise in popularity of tracksuits. Designers and outlets alike have been pushing an almost 80s revival of tracksuits, with a modern take on the popular clothing trend.

It’s now perfectly acceptable to turn up to the gym, or go for a spot of shopping in a tracksuit – but which tracksuits should you be buying?

In this article, we provide recommendations on the best styles of tracksuits you should be adding to your collection in 2018.

Skinny Tracksuits
Skinny tracksuits are one of the hottest styles of tracksuits in 2018. They are, as the name suggests, slim fitted tracksuits that mould to the shape of your body. They look great, fit great and are extremely comfy to wear! There is not really much more you can ask of a tracksuit, and this is why they are one of the best styles of tracksuits available today.

We recommend the Skinny Navy Tracksuit by Sinners, as it is a classic example of a great looking skinny tracksuit. Its flawless enhanced fit and striking design are sure to turn heads, whilst keeping you feeling extra comfy.

Brand, Brand, Brand
As much as we don’t want it to be, tracksuits are all about the brand. Unbranded tracksuits are fine for lounging around the house in, but they simply look scruffy the second you leave the house. Choosing a branded tracksuit may cause a bit more strain on your wallet, but it allows you the freedom to wear the outfit behind closed doors and in public.

In terms of which specific brand, choosing a brand is more down to personal preference than anything else. We prefer sharp looking fringe brands such as Sinners, 304 or Judas Sinned; but we also know the likes of Adidas, Nike and EA7 are highly popular and on trend this year.

Gym Tracksuits
Training tracksuits and gym tracksuits have long been popular within the fitness industry, but their style and design has spilled on over into the mainstream market. They are usually lightweight and made from 100% polyester, creating a stretchy feel.

We have seen more and more people opting to wear gym/training tracksuit jackets with jeans, as casual streetwear is really in for 2018. This makes gym tracksuits a great option to add to your collection as it is so versatile.

Block Colour Tracksuits
Although they may seem boring, block colour tracksuits are currently the most commonly purchased tracksuits. Dark colours, such as black, charcoal grey, dark red and dark greens are all highly popular.

Block colour tracksuits are popular because they are relatively smart looking. We are not saying you should start wearing them to work, or at your next job interview, but they do merge the boundaries of smart and casual.

We recommend opting for a charcoal grey tracksuit, they are highly versatile and offer more options than a jet-black alternative.

With these tips and recommendations, you should be sure to find an on-trend tracksuit which fits your individual style.

The article was sponsored by Sinners Attire, who stock a great range of fashionable tracksuits for 2018.