Unsure what to get him this Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday or Christmas? Consider what types of things he really wants.

The ideal gift for men is not hard to find and if you get what he really wants – it will mean the world to him!  Surprising him with the real gift he wants will certainly make any occasion special. Here are suggestions that will hit the spot. Taking time to understand what he really wants is the beginning to discovering what you should get him.

Five perfect gifts for men

1. He’ll need to have accessories or creative gear for cooking like: barbecue grills, smokers, smoker tubes or the latest recipe book for grilling anything under the sun. Like the adage says, “the only way to his heart is his stomach” – it’s true. Getting the best food (like a box of Omaha steaks) and cooking ware will be really appreciated!

2. At the end of a long day having a long deserved beer or alcoholic beverage caps it off since men take the time to unwind seriously! Giving him his favorite whiskey, vodka, brandy or favorite beers will be much appreciated. Drinking is an art and he’ll need the right glass to enjoy savoring it slowly! Get him cocktail mixing accessories and add-ons that come with a recipe book which will be perfect should he be into cocktails too. 

3. Men are social animals and having time with the boys, family and friends is important - give him gifts for socializing and chilling out with company. No party will be complete without a sound system and he’ll need a portable Bluetooth Speaker or maybe a new flat screen to watch the big game or play the latest game console with the gang. If he’s into sports then equipment and accessories that allow him to play is important. Don’t forget tickets to sporting events with his bros too, definitely a man’s must do.

4. Men are always busy or tired from working; give a gift that will remind him how special he is and to break the ice for any planned or surprise date night! There are many Valentine’s Day gifts for this. Shirts for “him and her” will encourage together time. Give him novelty items that remind him of date related stuff, so he’ll never forget “DATE NIGHT” with you.

5. Is he too serious or does he need to loosen up a bit? Give him gift items and novelties that will make him smile and think of you! A picture of you, a past vacation or any other special memories you may have.  Men need to relax from time to time but they’ll need to be reminded of it constantly. A simple gift that makes him smile will brighten up any day and he’ll think of you all the time.