What are challenge coins? For those of you who don’t know, they symbolize an organization both private and public and are given to people with tremendous accomplishments over time or in their career.

The most general use of these coins would be by the military. Irrespective of any country, achievements rendered in the military sectors are honored by these medals. 

These coins bear the insignia or an emblem which represents the country (in case of military service) or organizations, which is given to prove membership when challenged and to boost morale.

These coins have been used for various purposes as seen in the history. 

Today, we will discuss the reason and uses for these coins.

The main purpose of manufacturing and awarding these coins would be to convey a message, commend an achievement and promote a special event which makes the carrier feel special. 

A few common uses of custom challenge coins are:

Used by businesses, organizations,and schools
Launching a new product with a trademarked coin will give it a polished look by increasing the value of the product without the actual cost being increased.

Businesses, organizations,and schools seldom use these coins in annual day gatherings for rewards and recognition rendered in the previous year.

They will perform, inform, educate, reward, encourage and establish an identity for both the bearer and the organization who issues it.

Used to design logo or brand
You could get the coins manufactured in as little as 7 – 10 days.

With various sizes and shapes in mind, you could design the company logo or the brand itself on the coin, which will promote your company and the brand indirectly.

These specialty coins are novel and memorable and are everlasting. 

Best way of appreciation
Since World War I, these coins have played a huge role in recognition and appreciation of the work or service done to the country and organization respectively.

An award that resonates well in all perspectives would be this one.
An everlasting coin that displays your crucial role in rendering that huge achievement will convey the message and serve as a token and a thank you gesture to the receiver.

Recent events – Job fair, Trade show events
Custom challenge coins will have a huge impact on job fairs and trade events due to its unique appeal.
Some might disagree that branding is everything; however, the best and rather easy way to improve your brand recognition is through places and events like these.

A memorable gift is a way to success but not the only way. 
A proactive and hard-working employee will certainly gain more morale with these gifts on a periodic basis.
They tend to increase your business even without your knowledge through referrals. 

Pride in Military Service
We need to respect our martyrs and the soldiers who are sacrificing their personal life to keep us safe.
So, what do we do? We provide a symbol of hope, forge a relationship and keen sense of fellowship in the military.

Service veterans and in-service soldiers take pride in possessing these coins which displays their unit and their rank too. 

Receiving these coins from a respectable officer is a great honor which proves your qualities as an exceptional individual.

Loyal, dedicated and brave soldiers take pride in their service to the country and we honor them by doing this small yet everlasting event in their honor. 

Why custom challenge coins?
A variety reasons for this question can be discussed here. It not only encourages individuals but also builds a strong relationship with the organization.

Some coin collectors also like to collect these coins too.

A single side or double side engraved coin as per the occasion and the request will have more impact on the masses because of its unique appeal.

Logos, mascots,and emblems are the most common artworks done on these coins.

Final Thoughts
A permanent form of advertising that can be displayed at your office or at home proving your achievement is always a great way to make yourself feel better.

I hope this article has helped you realized the importance of Custom challenge coins and why they are used.
This will certainly build a relationship between the organization and an individual on a different level and you will certainly feel the personal attention.