Fundraising is done for charity, election parties, or for any good cause.The method you use to achieve this task is what counts.

You need to convince people to donate money to a good cause and in return,if you are willing to provide a product for their donation is an excellent idea. 

Today, we will talk about detergent as being the selling medium for fundraising.

Many non-profit organizations will raise funds for a noble cause like saving a school, athletic organizations for disabled, churches and many more.

The funds that you donate will directly reach those who are in need of it. 

How do you make it a successful fundraising?

You cannot force anyone to donate; however, you could make them buy things at a cheaper rate which will help your fundraising program.

A daily usable item like a detergent available at a much cheaper rate than what the stores have to offer will certainly attract a huge crowd making your fundraising a success.

The concept should be clear to ensure a win-win scenario. 

Let’s talk about the advantages of having a laundry detergent fundraiser, which will certainly help you understand why it is done and how it benefits mutually.

Problem Solving
Everyone uses detergents to do their laundry on a daily business and it is one of the recurring items that sell in any supermarket.

You just need to ensure you provide the same product at a much cheaper rate. You need to collaborate with a reputable company who deals with a quality detergent at a good price. 

By doing so, people will buy your product and help raise funds for a noble cause.

You are not asking for blind donations but solving the everyday problem of the general populous by offering a good product at a much more reasonable price.

A common mistake while trying to conduct a fundraising is focusing on the cause, whereas you need to be focusing more on what you are offering to people.

If you bring in a solution and then the cause, people are sure to notice the solution. This will fulfill the other role without even the buyers’ knowledge.

Organized with little effort
A benefit to both yourself and the company you collaborate with, so the company will ensure that you are provided with ample support from their end.

Your main goal is to attract peoples’ attention through various methods and sources.

Social Media is no longer a stranger to fundraising; you can see posts on all these platforms for raising funds for various causes.

Highlight your cause with minimal advertising and the rest will take care of itself.

The company is actually the big winner here since their product is selling like hot cake.

So, they will ensure that the fundraising is a success and in turn help you achieve your goal too.

High-Profit Margin
Fundraising is a high-profit business since organizers tend to keep most of the profits. The rest is again sent to the cause and its well being.

How is it possible? The answer is pretty simple – 
o Companies sell detergents at a much cheaper rate than the supermarkets
o No money wasted on expensive packaging
o No advertising did
o No hassle of store maintenance

We shouldn’t forget about the very reason you are organizing these funds.
Some people tend to be nosy and pry out as much information as possible from your end.
Your cause should be precise and direct. Don’t provide any grey areas for any buyers to find out and exploit on the same.

This will lead to negative publicity and fundraising with negative publicity is a disaster. 
You are helping someone in need by raising funds, so there is no need to be shy about it; rather be bold enough to make a statement that we are doing it to make this world a better place.

Final Thoughts
Not everyone has the broadminded nature to give what they have.

However, there are some who would like to help the less fortunate, without exploiting their kind nature, you need to inform them politely to donate as much they can afford to.

Give and take is how the world works, let’s build a better society with the same policy.