Job information and description are meant to serve as a guideline and help you to understand the general duties of a housekeeper or maid. Bear in mind that every domestic position available is unique and might be attached to different responsibilities. For this reason, the specific responsibilities and duties of a housekeeper must be discussed during the interview.

The work of a housekeeper or a maid is to ensure that all the assigned places are neat and tidy. They are responsible for doing all the housekeeping chores like indoor cleaning and organizing duties assigned by their employer, and this might comprise cleaning duties such as cleaning and arranging a disorganized closet. The cleaning duties might include dusting, vacuuming, laundry, mopping, changing and washing linen and waxing floor. However, other housekeeper or maid position might include food preparation and heavy cleanings such as cleaning of furniture, windows, and doors. All the responsibilities must be outlined during the interview to make sure that the candidate is willing to handle all the duties specified in the job description.

Typical salary in most cases, the salary of a housekeeper will range from a minimum wage to over $15 per hour. Housekeepers can either be paid at an hourly rate or flat rate depending on the agreement they sign with their employer. In most cases, a flat rate payment option is offered for occasional or scheduled cleaning services. Additionally, the rates will vary based on where the service provider lives, the benefits provided, the experience of the housekeeper and the geographical location of the household. Benefits offered Even though the provision of the benefits is not mandated by law, providing them will make more candidates get attracted to the position. Depending on if the housekeeper is a full time or part time service provider, these employees might or might not expect any benefits. 

Schedules when looking for a position as a housekeeper, all candidates must indicate their availability. They must indicate if they are available part time, full time or even both. They must also specify if they will be available during weekdays, evening, occasional, or as required by their employees. To get the best candidate, look at the way they have answered “when available” to find out their availability. 

How to get a housekeeper using a website? 

Families are given a chance to search on the preferred website’s database for free and preview the resumes of eligible candidates who can meet their criteria. The families are required to register to get the contact information to call the candidates. After that, the families can begin the selection and hiring process. All rates and responsibilities of a housekeeper must be debated and agreed-upon by the person hiring and the candidates. The work of housekeeper is essential both in residential and commercial buildings. They perform the combination of light and hard cleaning duties to help in maintaining these apartments like homes, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals in a clean and orderly way. For this reason, you need to make sure the candidate you are hiring is experienced enough to execute all the duties as required.