Any serious business demands serious efforts. Data volumes are increasing, business size as well, the structure is becoming more and more complicated.
That is why, when we speak about coursework writing, academic or technical writing, more and more topics appear about business efficiency, technology role in business, etc. Yep, the problem exists, it needs some research and some solutions.

With business growth, the work volume for your IT department is increasing as well. Actually, they work just to keep the enterprise go on, to handle the main functions, and that is it. There is no time at all to work with new trends and developments, with solutions, that would modernize and simplify all the processes.
Is this situation so familiar to you?
If yes, you may want to know about Converged Infrastructure.
Converged infrastructure is actually even not a new technology, but rather a new way to arrange the IT components. The IT components are arranged in a simple structure, like blocks in a constructor game. Such kind of arrangement, the converged infrastructure, is very good for a business, because:
It allows simplifying the management of IT components;
With it, you can implement the centralization of management;
It allows automating most of the management processes;
It allows reducing costs of IT management and time spent for that;

These are just the most evident aspects. They aren’t so evident though, that is why some words about each of them.

IT Components Management Becomes Simpler
Converged infrastructure is about arranging all IT components into a structure of blocks. Now, just imagine that instead of managing each server, each data center or any other component separately, as a single unit, you combine them in a structure and can manage the entire structure, the block of similar components, in the same way. There is a difference in handling 10 servers as separate units or handle them as one.
Management Centralization with Converged Infrastructure
Once again, just imagine that you have several data centers. If they are all separate units, you have to employ more people to manage them. Though if you combine those data centers in a system, then you can manage the entire system that consists of some blocks, instead of managing each data center as a single separate unit.
Hence, the time and costs for those blocks management will be incomparably lower than the management of each block separately.
Management Processes Are Automated
This is one of the most convenient features of converged infrastructure. All processes, or at least most of them, can be automated. As long as all components are functioning in a structure, and the structure allows to customize and automate most of the processes, there are no comments needed. 

A simple comparison: your employees perform all processes manually for each single block, as they do all, or almost all, automatically, for a set of blocks. Now, you feel the difference, don’t you?
IT Management for Less Cost
If your IT specialists spend much less time and efforts for managing a structure than they did, say, a month ago, then maybe you don’t need so many people to manage it? Or maybe those specialists who are free now, can work on some apps and solutions to modernize the processes and to make your business even more efficient and profitable? There are many ways to engage them in modernizing and increasing of proficiency of your business, as long as they got more free time.
All in all, there are many technologies that have been developed to increase the business efficiency. Some of them are older, some of them are more up-to-date, but the converged infrastructure seems to be one of the most efficient for now.