Vaping is a sensational new trend that allows people to enjoy the calming effects of smoking without inhaling tobacco or other toxic fumes. E-cigarettes use a variety of E-juice concoctions, which produce a pleasant flavor and clean vape smoke.

But what exactly is in the E-juice used for vaping?

A closer study will reveal all of the ingredients used to make this sweet-smelling vape juice. Just a few natural ingredients create the flavorful vape that is safe to smoke every day. The following list will tell you exactly what you are breathing each time you inhale on your E-cigarette.

1. Water
The primary ingredient in all vape juice is water. All E-cigarettes require a heating element and a reservoir to store liquids, and water is typically used to fuel this burning process. If you’re into your own DIY E-juice, make sure to have plenty of fresh water available for a better-tasting vapor.

2. Propylene Glycol
It may sound scientific, but this ingredient is simply a purifying alcohol. It’s the same kind used in antifreeze, and it appears as a colorless, odorless, and flavorless substance. If you’ve ever seen a fog machine, odds are you’ve seen propylene glycol first-hand. It’s not safe when applied directly to the skin, but it’s perfectly fine in a vaping device.

3. Vegetable Glycerin
Vegetable glycerin is a common sweetener that can be found in preservatives or low-glycemic sweeteners. You can even use it to thicken a broth or a soup while you cook. In E-cigarettes, it’s used not only to sweeten, but to moisturize the vape juice as well. If your favorite vape comes with a flavor, the vegetable glycerin provides a little bit of thickness and taste to enhance your smoking experience.

4. Food-Grade Flavoring
Most manufacturers of E-juice won’t reveal all of the ingredients used in their “flavoring”, but they are all guaranteed to be safe and certified by all food-testing departments. They are often the same flavorings used in food products, such as baked goods and cereals. There are some truly unique flavors out there, which have inspired creative vape names like “Unicorn Milk”, “Pony on Acid!”, and “Council of Vapor”. New flavors are always in development and are produced on a daily basis.

5. Nicotine
There are trace amounts of nicotine in E-juice vapors - but don’t worry, in this form, it isn’t carcinogenic. In fact, it’s safe when inhaled from your E-cigarette device. But it is crucial to understand that this nicotine can ONLY be consumed in particulate, vapor form - NOT in liquid form. When ingested in liquid form, it can be very hazardous to your health and even cause death. Adults can safely consume nicotine vapors, as it creates a calming effect when smoked through your E-cigarette.

What is Your Favorite E-Juice Flavor?
Now that you’re aware of all the ingredients that make up your E-juice, you can safely browse the newest flavors and explore new avenues to enhance your vaping process. E-cigarette popularity is on the rise, and it will become easier and easier to find new flavors. You can even develop some on your own! All ingredients are natural and safe to consume every day for your enjoyment.