Guitar Center has been helping Americans make more music for 50 years. This retailer sells more than guitars, offering amps, drums, keyboards, lighting, sound equipment, and much more. The company website says the organization has more than 260 brick and mortar stores across the United States. 

There are also an additional 120 locations that sell orchestral instruments like woodwinds and horns. The company also offers shipping for  all around the globe.  

One of the services the Guitar Center is known for is that many of the stores offer expert advice from semi-pro and amateur musicians. It’s a good place to pick up skills and the Guitar Centers offers a variety of individualized and group classes on all kinds of instruments, including:

Band and orchestral 
Recording software

These classes are typically taught by experienced instructors and are a great way to improve. 

But instruments and gear are expensive. The market for musical instruments hovers around $6 billion, according to IBIS World. That’s a lot of paycheck money doled out for an instrument that a fickle teenager may discard before heading to college. So, what if there was a way to save a few bucks on that expensive Fender or French horn purchase?

Good news! This article will share exactly where to find promo codes before shopping at the Guitar Center -- and how to use them.

Saving Some Bucks on That Drum Kit

There are really two ways to look for promo codes online these days. First, search for codes by the name of the business where the customer intends to shop.

Or, the shopper could search by category of the item they are shopping for. For example “audio instruments.”

Let’s look at both options when searching for Guitar Center coupons.

A Google search for “Guitar Center” yields websites that offer some decent deals. 
The first one we see is 40% off from Groupon.

When clicking on the link, it takes the viewer to a Guitar Center page.

The website suggests that signing up for a Groupon account gives them the option of receiving an extra 3% back on Groupon Bucks. All kinds terms apply to this cash back feature, of course. You can read more about them here

But if the shopped doesn’t want the hassle of signing up, click on the green “Get coupon code” button. A new window will appear.


Just click on the “Shop Now” to go to the Guitar Center website. To get the discount, add items to the shopping cart as normal. The discount should be applied at the end of the process.

Here’s a tip: This discount isn’t too special until the user adds the cash back option. Guitar Center is already offering 40% on their website currently. However, signing up for Groupon will add-on the cash back option, so there are additional savings to be had by joining.

To compare and contrast, let’s look at another online promo code site, Dealspotr. Dealspot boasts having four times more promo codes than any other deal site. These are not just promo codes but “working” promo codes. We all know that going on a site, shopping, and then being stymied at checkout with a non-working promo code can be a big time-waster. Dealspotr recognized this right up front. They remedied the problem by creating an active community of deal seekers that not only use promo codes but share them with each other. So it’s a constant living process of updating discounts so that the user has a much better chance of their accuracy and effectiveness. 

Using the search feature on Dealspotr takes the user to the Guitar Center promo code page.

The choice is up to the consumer on this site; they can log in to join the community of shoppers (think LinkedIn but for deals), or just get the promo code by clicking. Clicking on the “Show Promo Code” in the 25% off at Guitar Center box opens a new window.

What’s super cool about this window is the feed to the right of the discount. One week ago a bargain shopper with the username Fran validated the code. Clicking on the graphic shows her actual receipt with the discount applied!


But what about just doing a generic search for “audio-instruments” to look for a number of different types of coupons? The benefit is the user may not be dead-set on going to the Guitar Center. Maybe there’s a better deal at a competitor? 

Since we’re already on Dealspotr, let’s search -- and remember, we haven’t joined so we’re missing a number of benefits. 

This search yielded a variety of deals from -- everywhere, it looks like. 

Each promo code opens a new window tied to the person validating the discount. What’s neat about this is that actual users are sharing the love in the form of a promo code. 

Happy Birthday, right? 

It also shows when the code was validated. This means that codes validated more recently have a higher chance of working, which is indicated by the green bar at the bottom of each code.

This search yielded a $5 off promo code for the Guitar Center that has an extremely high likelihood of working. Users who join can even like the deal, post it with others on social media, or even join the community by becoming a deal validator. Deal validators earn points for being active on the site and the best deal finders are ranked higher, which earns them more rewards.

Kind of cool. 

One other tip for those not willing to join up -- visitors to Dealspotr can even search by categories that include:

There is also a category called “My Saves” which is another cool feature that users can take advantage of (it’s like a bookmark) -- if they sign up.

Getting Deals on Big Ticket Items

Those were just a couple of examples of how to reap some savings when buying even the biggest ticket items -- musical instruments at the Guitar Store. Many of us have resigned ourselves to a lengthy search for discounts. Or, we assume that no promo codes exist on some of the big money luxury items we purchase.

The truth is that consumers who invest a small amount of time online rarely have to pay full-price for anything. It doesn’t take a lot of time, or signing up, to reap at least some discounts when it’s time to get the band back together.