If you are trying to find information about a friend, a colleague or anyone you came across somewhere a long time ago and you don’t know where they are, the web can be the best place to go.

In the olden days, searching for someone was a difficult task that could involve a person having to travel longer distances to search for their friends or family. However, as technology came in, things have become simple, you just use the hundreds of thousands of people search sites and you are sorted without having to move from where you are located, provided you are connected to the internet.

If you are trying to find a person you are interested with, maybe you want to get their address, their phone number or even verify some important information about them, here is a list of the best people search sites you can use. Remember some do charge a fee whereas others are free, but it all depends on the type of information you are seeking.

1. Pipl 
This is the most popular and free people search site you can use to find a person you are looking for. You can use this search site to find social network accounts of the person you are interested with by just entering their full name, username, email contacts or phone contacts. If you are looking for a site that is fun and effective in matters of people search, use Pipl as it helps you find details of a person and you get higher chances of obtaining great results.

2. Facebook
Ask anyone and they will tell you Facebook is a social media site. However, Facebook does more than just being a place to socialize, get in touch with family, friends and colleagues. Facebook is one of the major social media site with millions of users accessing it daily, thus making it a powerful tool to search for people online.

With Facebook, you can get information of people you schooled together in high school and college; you can also get more information about people you work together. Another good thing with Facebook is that, you can search people in particular locations, you just type the name of the location and Facebook displays all the people in that specific location.
However, not all the Facebook users will be able to be displayed when you search for them since Facebook has a provision where one can hide their profile from being seen by the public. This means that they can be seen by only those people who are in their circle, which are their family members and only those who are in connection with them. But when the profile is kept public, when you search their names, Facebook displays their profiles.

3. LinkedIn 
I used to say LinkedIn is a professional site that is only reserved for professionals who are seeking for jobs or even companies that are doing their marketing campaigns, but I came to learn that this is an incredible people search site tool. And yes it is! By creating your account on LinkedIn, you get an opportunity to view other LinkedIn members’ profiles. Additionally, you get to know where one works, their duties and responsibilities and quite some few information about them.