Over the years, office parties have gained a rather notorious reputation. This is mainly due to your ready-made prejudice that it is bound to be boring and monotonous, rather than the actual failure of the party. 

In order to help remedy this situation, following is a list of the top 5 most popular themes that suit the mood of an office party, and at the same time complement it. Anyone interested in bringing the life back to their office party can make good use of these ideas, and earn a few popularity points along the way.

1. A Masquerade Ball
Although it doesn’t have to be that fancy and ball-like, a masquerade by itself implies a few gowns and sky-high hair dos, as well as tuxedos. Even if you weren’t planning on spending too much for the party, anything from a low-key homemade mask to an action hero qualifies for the theme. 

Big corporations often boast hundreds of employees at a time, which could make office parties a bit uncomfortable due to the many unknown faces. The masks will get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of initial contact, and could even be the reason to strike up a conversation with a less-known coworker.

2. Casino Royale
There is nothing more bullet-proof than a scene from a movie when trying to get the right atmosphere, and films such as the James Bond series are worthy of an office party recognition. The Casino Royale franchise allows you to transform the office into an entertainment center from any adult’s dreams. Even if you can’t get a real one-armed bandit for the occasion, Netbet online casino’s wide selection is sure to work just as well, using the office computers you already have.

3. Around the World
This theme gives the organizers even greater freedom than the previous ones – you can pick any holiday, festivity or even a traditional dish from different regions worldwide. This will give everyone the impression that they’ve won a trip aside from the free buffet and bar.

4. College Party
The college party theme has its own advantages that make it just as popular a choice as the ones listed above. You won’t need to go over budget, since college parties usually consist of massive amounts of cheap red Solo cups and ping pong balls, along with a couple of frisbees. 

If you want to go all the way, make sure the food is also fitting for a college party and just order a bunch of pizzas and chips. One thing your coworkers are bound to love is the fact they can simply come in their old college jeans and shirt.

5. Camping Party
Setting up camp in the office and playing everyone’s favorite camping games is a great theme for the more ‘adventurous’ office. You can play UNO and board games, tell spooky stories in the dark and drink hot chocolate – it’s the perfect two-in-one team building and office party idea.