I used to stick with my old favorites. Why change if you’re having fun, right?
But one day while sitting in a restaurant, I looked around. I couldn’t name one of the cigar brands people were smoking around me. And simply from the odors around me I knew they were getting the best smoking experiences on the market.
That’s when I started my search for the best cigars in the US. Here are the ones I found stood out among the rest. And now I know why most of them are featured on ‘Most Popular’ lists wherever I shop.
El Centurion H-2K-CT Toro

Here’s something you need to know about me. I don’t rate cigars only based on their fragrances and tastes. I love to look at them, as much as, I love to  smoke them.
And the El Centurion’s wrapper has one of the most striking designs I’ve ever come across. The bright reds and yellows remind me of the fire I’m going to use to enjoy the cigar. It’s also easily recognizable among other similarly wrapped cigars.
It’s truly unique! Even the brown wrapper is distinctive. It’s a Cuban seed, sun grown wrapper.
If you love medium or full bodied cigars you’ll love this one.
El Gueguense Corona Gorda

But occasionally you must take a chance and try a cigar you don’t think you’ll like. You might be surprised.
This is true of the El Gueguense cigar. Once again—if you’re like me—you’ll love the colorful exterior wrapper.
But focus on the flavor with this one.
Producers use an interesting mix of tobacco with different flavors coming from different regions. The filler leaves even come from different years and harvests. The result is interesting.
It’s wise to add it to your list. After all, that’s what the name El Gueguense translates to: ‘The wise man’. Are you going to be one? It’s time we become the men others look to for advice on what cigars to try next.

La Flur Dominicana Andalusian Bull

Here’s why you can never stop researching the market. New—amazing—products keep surfacing.
The La Flur only came onto the cigar market two years ago. Already it’s making people swoon.
Is it the flavor I like most? Or its unique look? I tend to be influenced by aesthetics as much as taste, so I admit my feedback is a bit prejudiced. But I promise you’ll love the mix of bold hickory flavor mixed with some subtle spices.
And how do you recognize this on the shelf? You can’t miss it, because its’ unique classic shape differs from most modern cigars. Now simply look for the matador and you’ve found your new favorite cigar!
Casa Fernandez Miami Aganorsa Leaf Maduro Robusto Extra
A long name, right?
When I first read that it sounded like gibberish. But once I realized what it represented it made me appreciate the cigar more.
Here are all the entities that play a role in what you’re going to taste:
- Casa Fernandez refers to the owner of the brand
- Miami is where production takes place currently; previously it happened in Honduras
- Aganorsa refers to prominent tobacco suppliers in Nicaragua
Now you see the quality of the tobacco is because of a rich history and many role players. And all of this is encased in a wrapper all the way from Mexico. The result of this combination is spectacular. Give it a try!
Aging Room Small Batch M356II Mezzo
This one I love as much for the name as the taste. ‘Aging Room’ tells you the manufacturers took their time to get it right.
And you better get your hands on one soon if you want to enjoy it. The manufacturer only makes a certain number of cigars from each batch of tobacco. There’s only one way to experience the rich blend of spices Rafael Nodal used: smoke one of this batch before they’re all gone.
That’s why ‘II’ is added to the name. Rafael doesn’t want to mislead his clients. If your next Aging Room Small Batch doesn’t have the exact same numbering, it’s not the one you’re looking for.
I think the manufacturer definitely got it right with this one. What do you think?
Olivia Special G
No list of cigars can be complete without at least one little cigar featured. Why? Because they’re compact and full of flavor. If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re missing out.
I love keeping some on hand at all times. They’re the perfect size to pack when I travel. And I don’t have to compromise on experience.
I will always prefer a normal sized cigar for its longevity. But occasionally a little cigar is just what I need with a glass of wine before going out.
My favorite is the Olivia Special G which still allows me around 30 minutes of smoking.
How to Get Your Hands on These Cigars
Of course the only way I could investigate this important subject thoroughly is through quality suppliers.
Don’t cling to your local store. Find out where the widest cigar range is housed in your area.
Or go digital! I found websites such as Gotham Cigars when shopping for little cigars and it made my quest much easier. Modern society finds everything else online. Why not cigars?
Which of these products sparked your curiosity? You can see I’m impressed when all my senses are stimulated. Do you simply want a good tasting cigar, or do you also care about aesthetics? Your new favorite one is out there. Enjoy it for now, but don’t forget to evolve your fashion and your tastes. There are many more you still need to experience.