It is the pleasure of every man to give his partner a lasting and fulfilling sexual experience, but few are not able to achieve this due to few issues including the lack of fitness that would make their bodies responsive during love making. If you have always had the stress and anxiety because you are worried you might not match up to her expectations, all is not lost as there are few things you could do to spice up your bedroom skills and add some power. 

Here are five exercises that are natural and fun to do that will revamp your performance in the bedroom.

Abs and lower back exercises 
In every sexual position, your back and abdominal muscles are put to task. These are some of the most important parts you need to strengthen to help you have a lasting effect while making love. You could strengthen your lower back and abdomen by doing deadlifts, planks, inverted curls, pushups, and squats. 

Pelvic floor exercises 
Pelvic muscle is a muscle that runs from your tailbone to your pubic bone. This muscle forms the pelvic floor and is found in men as well as women. It is also the same muscle engaged when one wants to stop urine flow while peeing. Many men don’t understand the power of these muscles in love making and thus they ignore them thereby leading to weakening over time. You need to occasionally hold and pulse the muscle so as to wake it up. Just begin doing quick pulses then proceed to sets of ten holds each two seconds.

PC muscle exercises 
Your PC muscle also contributes largely in your performance in the bedroom. In this case, you don’t build the muscle by lifting weights at the gym. What you are required to do is masturbate until arousal then with a dry hand towel wrap the erection. With the towel in place, do push-ups using your penis while lifting the towel. You could use a wet towel to raise the difficulty of the exercise and increase effectiveness. If you feel the process is slow, you could boost your energy by getting a dose of VigRx Plus.

Your sex drive is largely dependent on testosterone that builds up when you sleep. Someone who has a poor sleep will suffer from a drop in testosterone and this translates to low sex drive. Therefore, while sleeping, you need to ensure the surrounding environment encourages sleep. Make sure there is no artificial light or noise that could interrupt your sleep. Also get at least 8 hours of sleep for optimal effect.

Forearm strength 
You might be stimulating her G-Spot or just doing some oral, and all these are processes that require forearm strength. For this you need to do some weights, probably at the gym.

Exercises are not only meant to get you into shape, but this could be a perfect way to spice up your sexual prowess. The above exercises help you to gain performance in your bedroom to ensure your partner is satisfied.