Vaping has taken to new methods and gone are the days when the torch and fire methods were used. The new technology allows better and efficient methods including enails. These readily available options make electronic heating elements to vaporize wax and all concentrate a luxurious affair. 

Electric nails provide users a readily consistent temperature with a provided power source. It has been seen that torches have become an obsolete part of vaping. Coils and wraps have come around in new ways and made dab nail easier, all of them doing the same thing. It is very important to know how to choose the best enail for yourself. It could be in terms of packaging, levels of craftsmanship and affordability. The purpose can also be judged on the portability as well as seeking something fancy for decoration. a few points that you should keep in mind while choosing any enail kitt are as follows-

1) Affordability- An enail can be very expensive and costly especially for those who focus more on their extracts than what they are enjoying. It may cost a lump sum of $500 to $600. these days customers are provided with economical friendly units which may cost about $100 only the size available seems to be perfect who do not want the kit to consume a lot of space. The enail is available in different price options to suit all price levels to accommodate different customers. Though it does not come with a nail the kit can be customised inform of color and nails can be ordered separately. The kit comes with a year warranty while the coils are guaranteed for just 6 months. Once the missing component is added you get yourself something satisfyingly functional.

2) Portability- The enail kit comes in different sizes to suit the customers. The coils and the power that flows through to give you the perfect temperature works better when put out of the box. Though these days the kit comes with a new battery to give you better options to dab which can go on for a time span of 2 hours after every charge. It is very important for you to pick the enail  which can be easily carried to different places and taken on the road which will enhance the power of your enjoyment while vaping.

3) Durability- It is very important that this innovative advancement of vaping performs well and gives you a durable time to use the kit. The manufacturers’ surface to try to find an optimal temperature for a flavor you need and accordingly researches and develops new ways and techniques for the kits durability.  Companies are trying to make the enail kids durable. When you are looking for the best it is more important that you look for a longer lasting product than a product which costs less. As the saying goes through you really do get what you pay for.

4) Customisation-Companies provide the buyers to customize their wrapped around box easily which may suit their taste and requirements.  The company sells different accessories and nails which you can buy as add-ons as it may suit you. Customisation meaning more cost and more money. But it all depends on what is your budget to spend on your enail kits.

You may be already aware that different brands of electric nails have different consumers in mind because every person is different. Enail kits are also designed to suit different people of different age groups and people choose different enail kits to suit their requirements. Choose wisely is the mantra!!!