More and more people are leaving the corporate world to become freelancers. Freelancing is a great way to gain more freedom in your career, as you’re in charge of your own hours and you don’t have anyone to report to except yourself. 

While being a freelancer means having a lot more freedom, it can be hard to stay productive every day when you’re working without a formal office environment. Here are six productivity tips for freelancers in need of a daily boost!

1. Utilize local coworking spaces.

With the rise of freelancers in big cities, more and more coworking spaces are popping up around the country. They are open, flexible spaces shared by people who usually don’t belong to the same organization. These spaces usually have large tables to promote collaboration, and they’re a great way to network with others in your field. Coworking spaces are popular with freelancers and startups, since they’re just structured enough to promote productivity while still encouraging creativity. 

2. Establish a routine. 

While it might seem counterintuitive to create a strict schedule when the main appeal of the freelancer lifestyle is avoiding the 9-5 cycle, schedules are necessary to stay organized. Think about when you feel more motivated during the day and create your routine around those hours. For instance, if you struggle to stay focused early in the morning, consider waiting until later in the day to start the more important tasks. It’s also important to remember to take regular breaks throughout the day to stay on the top of your game! 

3. Dress for success every day. 

It’s tempting to stay in your pajamas every day, especially when you have no reason to leave the house. According to a professor of psychology in Hertfordshire, it’s important to wear professional clothes as a freelancer: “professional clothes can be symbolic for the success we wish to create for ourselves”. So perhaps there’s truth to the saying “dress for success?”

4. Avoid any distractions while you’re working. 

If you’re working from home, or even from a coworking space, it can be hard not to fall for a number of distractions. Without a boss looking over you, there’s nothing stopping you from watching your favorite Netflix show or checking your Twitter feed every few minutes. To cut out any unnecessary distractions, make sure you are working in a dedicated work space. Utilize popular concentration apps like SelfControl and Freedom to keep yourself from giving in to tempting apps. 

5. Don’t forget to socialize throughout the day!

While social media can be a negative distraction during the workday, it’s important to socialize during your downtime. As a freelancer, it’s easy to become isolated from others, especially if you spend most of your time working from home by yourself. When not working, it’s important to find ways to stay social. Grab a coffee with a friend in the afternoon or take your dog to the dog park after dinner. Socializing will improve your overall attitude. 

6. Keep things fresh by varying your tasks.

If you’re stuck doing the same tasks over and over, you’ll likely burn out quickly. No matter what you freelance as, whether it’s as a writer, graphic designer, or something else, try to carve out time for varied tasks. If you’re a web developer, for instance, spend a few hours a day working on a different part of your business like answering client emails or marketing your services. This will keep you from feeling too tired with your regular work. 

Staying motivated and productive as a freelancer can be easy
Being a freelancer is a great way to focus on your strengths without having to work for anyone but yourself. Not everyone is motivated enough to be a freelancer, which is why it’s important to stay productive every day. These tips will help you stay productive even when you’re struggling!