If you have ever been to camping, then, definitely, you have an idea of outdoors surviving. An outdoor experience can sometimes be terrible especially if you do not have appropriate requirements. You might have gone for camping when suddenly you find yourself in an emergency situation. 

This is the time you probably realize the importance of various survival supplies. In fact, numerous survival materials such as building materials and compass can be essential for outdoor survival. As listed below, I highlight some of the few things that you need to acquire and might need in case of a survival situation.

1. Camp Survival Guide

The camp survival guide is usually a book with various outdoor activity-guiding tips. The survival guide is essential, especially for first-time outdoor ventures. This is because it can guide you on every step of your outdoor activities such as on methods of sustenance. Overall, with this book you are more confident on every move you make as this book helps you stay alive when venturing.

2. Water Purifying Straw

When on an outdoor mission, carrying water that will sustain you through is a good idea. Imagine you have found yourself in an emergency and you run out of the packaged water. In such cases, you have no other choice but to drink stream water. Remember, stream water is known to be dirty hence risky to your health. To escape such hard moments, consider buying a water purifier as your survival kit. This straw, alias LifeStraw, can be a lifesaver because it is able to filter stream (dirty) water hence purifying it. This gadget is ideal as it can filter over 250 gallons making it safer for consumption

3. Food

It is obvious that you will need food, and plenty of it, to stay strong while outdoor. For you are not sure what types of food are edible out there, it is crucial that you consider buying ample supplies of superfoods. This will save you from eating wild foods that might not be safe such as animals and flowers. There are varieties of superfood on the market that are suitable for outdoor sustenance. For instance, there is maca powder, sprouting kit, and wheatgrass among others. This type of foods can sustain you much longer hence you remain stronger to survive.

4. Knife

Buying a knife can be an added advantage to your outdoor experience. People who always carry a knife while doing daily activities can be great adventurers. This is because, besides just the usual kitchen activities, a knife can be used in numerous ways such as cutting branches and vines. Also, there are multiple best survival machetes for the outdoors  which can apply well where small knives cannot. This is especially applicable when, for instance, you want to cut much bigger branches for building shelter.

5. Natural Insect Repellant

An outdoor environment is a home for all dangerous insects. Since you intend to stay outdoors, it is important that you consider buying an insect repellant. This is not only to keep them away but also to increase your chances of survival. With insects such as mosquitoes, it can be dangerous to venture without a repellant. You will, automatically, be at risk of acquiring the common parasitic and bacterial diseases.

6. Shelter Building Material

When in outdoor activities, it is apparent that you will need to stay warm and dry. Additionally, you will need a safe and secure place to sleep. For this reason, it is crucial that you put into your budget shelter building materials. These materials are generally available in varieties hence you can choose according to your desire. For instance, there are different types such as canvas that can provide an excellent accommodation. If maybe, you cannot afford it, a large garbage bag can be an option. With few branches and ropes, you can end up with a right and safe place for the night.

7. First Aid Kit

First aid kits are priorities especially for healing injuries when outdoor. This is usually because being outdoors can expose you to numerous injuries. For instance, you might experience infections, garrulous blood, and sagging skin among others. First aid kit is essential as it is a one-stop shop for all your injury healing requirements. It includes staffs such as gloves, bandages and cleaning wipes among others. These equipment are suitable for quick injury healing hence you are safe.

Outdoor activities can be exciting, but if one is alone, it can be dangerous. It is better if you have another person with you. This is because it is important to share ideas and help one another, especially in decision-making. Additionally, your friend will be there to watch your back hence ensuring each other’s safety.

8. Camp/survival axe or hatchet

Sometimes a knife just isn’t enough, like when chopping wood to make a campfire. A good lightweight camp axe or hatchet can mean the difference between sitting by the fire with a warm meal in your belly or not. See this review of axes and hatchets for camping, hiking, backpacking and survival to help you choose a good one."