Sports is arguably one of the most watched events on any kind of medium whether it be TV, online, or even now - on apps. It is among the best forms of entertainment experiences, especially during live events. These days, championships of many verticals have made their way mainstream for your viewing, and it can only be easier since they've also made their way to apps. 

Here's taking a look at some of the best sports apps you can find out there to watch and read sports news and live events.

CBS Sports

Backed and sponsored by CBS Sports, One of the major sources of sports entertainment and news, CBS sports has gone beyond offering news and covering live events. Now they're also offering personalized score updates, stats, and analysis for each viewer's favorite teams and leagues. On top of commentary, they also stream events from Basketball to the PGA Tour and offer other sources of on-demand highlights. The free sports scores app is free for download on iOS and Android 


This app features sports news apps, and you can find tons of variety on it as well as many different kinds of sports too. You can look for different channels depending on which sporting event you're tuning into. 

Bleacher Report

This is one of the more popular apps that has become a staple among many sports enthusiasts. Tuning it to new school sources of information, it also looks up social media sources - for example Twitter, Instagram, and other sports-related news sources. On top of that, it has predictions and stats to check out. Very comprehensive download. 


ESPN has long been established itself as the mainstay of sports for many decades. On top of news and live events, it even features commentary and analysis that lets users tune in to community based generated content. One of the most interesting additions in this day and age is that they have started covering eSports. 

Google Now

You can pretty much get anything on Google - now including sports news. In fact, a quick look at stats will inform you that searches to other - and perhaps more comprehensive apps start from Google itself. They take the opportunity to index and properly inform users on scores, screening times, and more news that are relevant.