There is no better time than the colorful summers of America and the UK, to try on some breathable airy bottoms and flaunt your sexy legs. Yes, I’m talking about a man’s second best friend (second only to a dog of course) – shorts!

From denims to cargos to plain cotton shorts, there are many different designs for men to choose from. And each of them speaks of a different style and attitude. It is no wonder that men often find it hard to pick one style.

And even in one particular style category, say for example, denim shorts, there are a whole range of cuts and designs like athletic, straight cut, regular fit, slim fit etc. So it is nothing short of a dilemma when it comes to buying denim shorts online or otherwise.

The same goes for any kind of shorts. Considering the variety of shorts available these days, let’s narrow down some latest trending styles.

So here we have 5 quintessential styles of shorts that every man must have during the summer:

1. Denim shorts – It goes without saying how universally popular denim shorts are! They have been around since the sixties. And even though they suffered a slight decline a few years back, they are definitely back again stronger than ever. If you are buying denim shorts online then “distressed” is the design to go for this season. Other than that, slim fits and tapered fits are also popular. 

2. Cargo shorts – Their evolution can be traced back to the military. For the same reason, they are a more rugged and tough style of shorts. They are characterized by extra side pockets and a unique fit. They come in a variety of colors and combinations of colors, although camos are the most popular design.

3. Chino shorts – As the name suggests, they are the short versions of men’s chinos. They are basically comfortable and airy cotton flat-front shorts and just like cargos, their routes lie in the military as well. Being a very casual style, most chino shorts sit a little above the knee and some can even come up a little more. They are mostly made in a twill weave, which guarantees durability as well as flexibility.

4. Sweat shorts – We all know that athleisure is the dominating trend across runways as well as designer collections these days. In fact, sporty styles have been going through a golden era since the past few years. From jogger pants to sweat shorts, the trend is raging on. 
As the trend athleisure is known for comfort, sweat shorts are your best bet for maximum flexibility. They are perfect for your Netflix and chill days or just those lazy days when you just lounge around the house.

5. Sports shorts – These are of course meant for fitness freaks and runners. They are your means to look good when you are working out at the gym or when you are out for a run. Because hey, who said you can’t?

That said, now you have a fair idea of what the important styles of shorts are. All of these are essential pieces in a man’s wardrobe especially in the summer. So start shopping and piling up on these trends.

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