When it comes to softball hitting, the crucial part of quick bat swing is the grip. What matters is how to grip, how tight the grip is and what position to grip. Following some easy rules will ensure that your bat speed is enhanced. 

Finger grip

Some people take battling glove and mark have a mark across such that it goes from their index finger down. That keeps their bat and hand on top of finger grip. Keeping the bat from going back to the palm ensures better wrists. 


What is your approach to getting a bat? You can grip the bat with a handshake. You can use this approach whether some is giving you a bat or when you pick the bat up. 

You can put your bat out in front. You can have finger grip if you pinch the bat between the index and thumb finger. When you pinch inside your thumb instead of your index finger, then there will be a slow bat movement. Your wrists should be loose, and bat speed will increase. 

Hand position

The bat should be kept high, and the bottom hand should be approximately the distance of opposite the armpit and the high pitch, the top of the strike zone, strike up, the pitch and the high strike. Keep the position and pick your bat and keep your hands on the ball. 

Keep your power position with both the top arm and the lead arm. Having power positions for both of them is crucial. When in power position, the elbow goes toward the target and towards the pitch. You should take a precaution so that you don’t have it too tight.  Some hitters have it too tight, and it limits your arms from doing it quickly. 

Keep in mind that we want a quick swing. We have a little space away from the body, but power position. 


We usually see elbows up when it should be down. Hitters find themselves wrapping. Well, working against gravity makes it difficult. When you are in the position, the bat is around one o’clock. When you bring the elbow up, the distance it takes to reach the ball should be reduced. It should be brought up against gravity. Ensure that you don’t wrap the ball. You need to go straight through it. The elbow will go across in power position. 

Front Arm 

The angle between the lower arm and the upper arm is called the front arm and is usually 90 degrees. It should be kept too high, and you will be back in wrapping.


Shoulders should be relaxed. When one shoulder is lower than the other, then it should be your front shoulder.  When you start this way, then you could run into problems since you will drop more. Therefore, you can start by having it down a little. You could also have it completely level.


When getting a stance, you should be level. Everything needs to be level. When you have a good rise pitch or good drop pitch, then you will go under it since the bat will drop down. You will hit the ball while in the air. Your knees should be level, and you will perform well. 

If you have a quick swing, then you have very strong wrist and hands. You can use closed stance. However, most people use square stance. Someone struggling with getting their slow pitch softball bats around should try open stance. It brings the bat closer to the ball before the pitcher throws it. 

You can start with square stance or parallel stance. Your feet should be equal distance from the plate. Stay on that plate for some time so that you can get the ball before breaking.


You can try these seven techniques with friends and other players to improve their bat speed and to hit. Professional players have used these techniques, and they have always improved their speed. 
Having good hitting power doesn’t imply whacking the ball out of the field. You should focus on hitting instead of the distance the ball goes.

To achieve this, you should develop the power and strength, and this will improve bat speed and hit. These techniques will help in concentrating more force into ground and channel that power to the bat.