Vacuum cleaners have become such a vital part of our cleaning routines. We cannot imagine exactly how we’ll get the motivation to start cleaning our houses if vacuum cleaners are taken away from us.

Like pretty much everything else, there are different types of vacuum cleaners. If you want to go buy yourself a vacuum cleaner, you are probably confused about which one to buy since you don’t know which vacuum cleaner serves what purpose. This is why we have decided to compile this article explaining what each kind of vacuum cleaner can do:

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

These are a very common type of vacuum cleaner. There is a canister with wheels that is usually attached to a long, flexible wand with adjustable and removable heads. Reliable canister vacuums are usually very powerful machines that can easily and effectively clean carpeted and non-carpeted floors. These are quite advanced and therefore usually the more expensive option of vacuum cleaners.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

A stick vacuum cleaner can be inserted in hard-to-get narrow areas to clean those up effectively. The stick vacuum cleaners are usually not as powerful as a canister or upright vacuum cleaners but they are a must-have option for cleaning narrow areas that would be impossible or very difficult to get to without a vacuum cleaner. You can use a broom or a long-handled brush but that will only be good for sweeping the dust and dirt into a corner without really getting rid of it.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are the most common and traditional kinds of vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners come as one-piece upright machines with a grip to hold it with on the top end, a bag that can be emptied out or a tray and a powerful vacuum end. These are not as difficult to store as canister vacuum cleaners but they are still very powerful and effective when it comes to cleaning. Upright vacuum cleaners can effectively clean all kinds of floors, be it hardwood or carpeted floors. If you are looking for a vacuum for common household uses, the upright vacuum cleaner is your best option.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

These are portable vacuum cleaners that you can use on furniture or cars or any other areas where the traditional vacuum cleaners would be impractical to use on. You can hold these vacuum cleaners in just one hand and clean spills from your table or dust from your sofas. Hand-held vacuum cleaners are usually the cheapest variety of vacuum cleaners.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

These are vacuum cleaners with robotic technology that can be used to efficiently clean the house in a futuristic way. They usually come as portable little discs that can map out the entire region that you want to be cleaned and can clean them on its own without making you move a muscle. Robotic vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning out areas that are difficult to reach with other kinds of vacuum cleaners like under wardrobes and sofas.