The movie mania is not a small thing; it has engulfed the entire world population. Yes, we all do not always go to a theatre to watch the latest release. 

We read reviews watch trailers and if it's worth the buck to spend we choose to watch it in a theatre.But most of the time, we watch the movie either online streaming or if we like it, we download it.  

So now what should you do, as torrents are now banned, well there are many other websites that will allow you to watch. The free movie streaming site allows you to watch latest movies to music albums, TV shows and much more.

The only problem with a large number of free movie websites is:

They have broken links
Large number of ads
Unauthenticated porn links or links to unrelated videos
Cut scenes, no full movie. 

Then where should you go? Well as an answer to this question we have here a list of five best movie streaming sites that topped the chart in 2017. 

This is one of my favorites because of their huge collection. They have a partnership with Sony which allows them to host plenty of full-length movies. I have a small screen. However, I had no troubles with the display thanks to the high quality of the print. Few of my favorite movies such as backwash and animal kingdom are available in excellent print quality. 

A lot of my friends prefer this site over others because they keep bringing in the latest collection from their ventures. I love the way in which they have categorized different movies by their genre. You also don't need to create an account on the site. Just hit play and enjoy!

Are you looking for a website that is super easy to navigate and browse then view star needs to be your choice?  They have plenty of genre including musical and animation which you might not find in other websites.

In 2017, there has been a good range of new sites that I have liked, but snagfilms has become one of my favorite. You can browse through a wide range of as many as 10000 movies categorized on the basis of various genre. I liked their sorting functionality where you can choose through the option of most reviewed as well as the most popular movies. 

tube tv
If you are looking for a website that offers a range of movies for kids, then TubiTv is a great option. They have a range of various genre available such as documentary, drama and romance. They have a lot of HD content. We all hate buffering isn't it? Well, the streaming quality of this site as per my experience was quite good. 

As lots of people like us are looking for online streaming websites, making these websites popular and in demand. I recommend people to keep themselves updated on the best movie streaming sites available so that you can have the best entertainment experience.