Summer season is near, and I am sure you are wondering where to take your family for vacation. If that is the case then how about you visit Perth. Perth is the capital city of Western part of Australia located in the middle of the river Swan and Southern coast. 

The city has all great natural features like rivers, Botanic gardens, and beautiful mountains too. Perth has a population of over 1.5 million people, and the climates are quite favorable. The city is packed with all wonderful and exciting things to engage in which makes it a fun place to be.So if you want to visit the city, here are six things to do in Perth.

1. Visit Perth Video Games Console Museum

If you would like to have some fun with your kids or buddies, then the video game console museum is the right place for you. The place is packed with a variety of video games that have a historical background dating from the 1970s, and therefore you are guaranteed to have a thrill. With over 100 gaming devices get to learn how the new technology of gaming evolved.

2. Swan Valley Wine Cruise from Perth

This is a beautiful place to take your loved one for some quality time and to have fun as well. The activity involves you cruising through the valley river of Perth and on the way you experience some wine tasting moments for all freshly made wines from the regional vineyards. You also get to have the fascinating viewing of the water from the Perth river as you sip some tea in the morning and evening, without forgetting the beautiful view of the sunset.

3. Visit the Art Gallery of Australia

If you want to learn some history about Australia and her people, then visit the art gallery located in the western part of Australia. The art gallery is packed with all beautiful arts, crafts, and designs from the past era to present. The entrance to the place is free, but if you wish to donate for the gallery maintenance, you can do so at the gates.

4. Learn at Scitech

This is an excellent place to take your kids for some science lessons. The institute offers science education to people of all ages, and it is quite interactive and fan as well. So take your kids to have a fun and interactive science experience.

5. A night out with strippers

Apart from relaxing activities that are found in Perth, there is also a wild side for those who love to party uniquely. If you would want to surprise your friend may be at their birthday party with Perth Strippers, you can just order from the online stripper sites. Note that these places offer these bookings for both male and female strippers, so you have a variety to choose.

6. Eat at Greenhouse

This is an elegant place built with all eco-friendly and recycled materials. The hotel is served with different international and local cuisines, and the beautiful decorating details in the Greenhouse will take your breath away. This is a nice place for those people who need a cool place to relax after a long hot day as it offers just that.