If you’ve never hired a toilet before and you’re wondering what it entails, then read on for our full beginner's guide to toilet hire. Explore the reasons you may need to hire toilet facilities and also what sort of options you have.

Event management

An event is a major reason why people book toilet hire. Many events, be they concerts, music festivals, summer fayres, parties or even weddings, take place in locations where there simply aren’t enough onsite toilet facilities for all the guests or attendees. In fact, some events, those held in large open spaces such as festivals, occur where there are simply no toilets at all.

Worksite management

Hiring toilets for worksites is also commonplace and is required for building sites where there are no or few plumbed-in toilets. Building sites often have a large number of workers on site, contracted for a certain timeframe. It wouldn’t make economic sense to build toilets for the project build and is, therefore, much more cost-effective to rent them for the necessary timeframe.

How many toilets do I need to hire?

Toilet hire can range from a single toilet to a trailer with up to six toilets, with each of these options in as many multiples as needed. You'll need to take into consideration the length of the event, whether food or alcohol is served and your numbers of male and female attendees. To get it right, talk to your toilet hire company first as they will be able to advise you further on numbers.

Types of hire toilets

If you need to save money, then you’ll want a standard recirculating toilet. This is the cheapest option and can be hired in singles up to as many as you need. A standard recirculating toilet should come with soap, cold water and toilet roll, but doesn’t require any plumbing.

These individual toilets also have the advantage of being able to be dotted about in all corners of your event so that guests don’t always have to walk to one spot and you can avoid congestion from queues. Other types include trailer toilets, which also offer recirculated plumbing, but can be connected to an electricity source to provide a fan and heating if required.

What if I need specialist toilets?

A good toilet hire company will have a wide range of products that not only accounts for everything from small to large numbers of people, but also for people with disabilities. Disabled portable toilets are essential for any event which is open to the public, especially if you want to make sure your event is fully accessible. Baby change areas may also be sensible if you're holding a family-friendly event.

What about urinals?

If you think you can cut down the toilet queue by hiring a urinal unit then this is a smart choice that could save you money. Simple, lightweight and fast to install, stand-up urinal units can reduce the queues for toilets at events hugely. Consider a sink wash station to accompany the urinals.

How do I go about booking toilet hire?

It’s advisable to book your toilet hire as early as you can as it’s one of the most easily overlooked, but essential, aspects of event management. If you don’t have enough toilets available this will often be the overriding memory for guests or attendees and could become a public health and safety issue.

Once you’ve found the right toilet hire provider that can deliver, install and manage the toilet service, then you’ll want to secure your booking straight away. Make sure that your chosen toilet hire service can deliver to the right address and make sure that someone is onsite for delivery.

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