If you want to seduce any woman, it will not get easy for you. Yes we mean it. But you need to master a few steps. To know more about this seduction technique, keep reading below. 

There are so many men who want to know how to pick up girls of their choice but fail to take the first step. Men usually want to have more influence over the lady of their life or a girl for whom they have affection for. When women know the man in their life has control and makes them feel secure, they feel satisfied and happier from within. But this feeling is what the man has to provide his lady. 

One of the most convenient and best of ways of making a woman feel secure and attached to you is by applying the technique of fractionation seduction

This is a very potent step which a few group of men have successfully used so far. With the steps mentioned below you sure will be able have a fulfilling connection and unending attraction with the woman of your life.  

You need to start inducing some positive feeling into the lady. You have to ensure that you make her realize about the good experiences you both have had together. Make her recall them. This will incite feelings of happiness and make her feel content being around you. 

Now next you will have to make her feel a bit negative by asking her to tell about a few negative things about you. 

Make sure that you keep repeating the above two steps one after another, in a cycle process. This would be somewhat like a small emotional roller coaster ride for your lady. Keep charge of the tone in your voice and the right language will make the technique more effective. 

Ask the lady about the things that keep or make her feel happy. There are tons of ways by which you can do this. You could simply start this by talking about positive experiences that she has had. You could even ask her about her favorite destination spot. Once when she is into the conversation you can feel her happiness and how she feels about the vacation spot. She would smile and feel happy, if the vacation she had gone for was a happy one. 

This process is to ensure that the lady goes through emotional rides. Women are highly emotional in nature. Hence, when you start this process, somewhere or another, you are making her reliant on yourself. She will later on remember about the conversation that she had with you, since it was not shallow. 

You have to ensure that you make an emotional bond with the lady, even if you do not know her. Before attempting the art of fractionation, you have to learn how to talk to a lady. Establishing trust is crucial, between you both. When you are successful at this stage, then building a bond will get easy. Always keep the thought that ‘she is out of your league’ out of your mind. In fact, you need to approach her in such a way that she feels that you are out of her league.  Always ensure that you start confidently with her from the start to the finish. Having an emotional conversation is a must. This will lead to you getting more emotionally bonded with your partner.