Nowadays, there are multiple avenues available for an enterprise of any size to promote its product(s) or service(s). Online digital marketing, television or radio ads, and the more traditional printed forms of advertising such as outdoor banners, posters, leaflets, flyers, etc.

While many business owners might immediately opt for online advertising, thinking it provides the best return on investment, traditional print advertising shouldn’t be overlooked: if it’s a good fit for your business, it could offer you certain benefits that blow any digital marketing efforts out of the water.

Unrestricted Exposure
Advertising in magazines, newspapers or on an outdoor banner stand provides your business with extensive exposure. Television and radio advertising is programmed, relatively short, and also quite costly. However, by choosing the right printed media, your business could obtain even greater exposure to potential customers, at any time. 
People still look at those magazines and newspapers left in waiting rooms, exposing your advertising to a potentially large number of people, while they are generally unoccupied, and have time on their hands. People driving past or walking past your outdoor banner every day undergo a repetitive experience, becoming familiar with your business, brand, message, etc. 

The impact of a printed ad in such circumstances could be far greater than a short 30-second promotional burst on radio or TV, or even paying for easily-ignored digital advertising. 

Less intrusive
An advertisement in a magazine or newspaper is much less annoying than a radio or TV ad that interrupts your favourite programme, or a pop up ad appearing on your phone or while browsing on your laptop. People have greater control over their consumption of printed media, and therefore, the advertising they also see in this format. Your ad could receive a warmer welcome, and closer attention when printed.

Target market
You must know your target customer; who they are, where they live, what they do, and like. The basic demographic data should allow you to specifically target certain publications, allowing you to display a highly relevant advertisement in front of readers who are actually interested in what you offer. If you sell a certain product, or provide a certain service, you can almost be guaranteed there’s a publication dedicated to that niche; maximise that readership! 

For example, if you offer bespoke tailoring for gentlemen, there are various magazines which cater for upscale men’s clothing; you can target your ads to their readership of professional males.

Tried and tested printed media
When considering printed media for advertising, don’t overlook other traditional, tried and tested methods of print advertising such as brochures, leaflets, flyers, or an outdoor banner or roller banner to promote your business, brand, and product(s) or service(s). Experts will attest that an outdoor banner, strategically located, is guaranteed to attract attention from those who might be in the vicinity of your actual business location. 

Using a roller banner design template, with the help of a graphic designer, you can create multiple high-impact banners and position them in various key locations, and organise representatives of your business to hand out leaflets or flyers to attract potential customers to interact with your business and brand.

Print advertising is still a proven and highly cost-effective strategy for reaching out to your target customers, and can actually be a welcome change for people from the constant barrage of digital pop up ads and radio and TV advertising; it provides great exposure, it’s less intrusive, and it’s more personal - and that’s a big plus!