Accommodation is certainly one of the weightiest expenses that travelers have to incur when they go on a holiday trip. In fact, it is not surprising to know that many tourists would be disposed to sleeping in a barn if it was the most cut-rate accommodation they could find.

“Most backpackers don’t care if they are going to spend a night in an outbuilding or a cabin, provided it’s thrilling enough to hang loose,” says Jeremy, director at Otherwise, what are excursions for? Here are some secrets to finding the best accommodation deals during your next getaway:

Find Short term rentals

If you plan on spending a week or more in one location, short term rentals are the way to go. They allow you to enjoy the privileges of a furnished apartment without having to worry about forking out your entire vacation fund. 

With this choice, you will get all the comforts of a home including plenty of space to put your feet up, and a kitchen to cook and cut back on food costs. Be warned, nevertheless, if you are a solo traveler, for short term rentals can be a little pricey.

Traveling single? Consider single supplement offers

Many package companies provide zero-cost single supplements for solo. Alternatively, you can try to seek out specialist companies that provide specialized services for single travelers at budget-friendly costs.
Travelers who pick this option can choose to share a room as a move to cut costs further. However, they should be wary of booking a single room because it amounts to false economy.

Catered chalets are cool

Catered chalets are a good choice if you are looking to find cheap accommodation during your tour. In reality, they are more worthwhile than eating out, depending on the choice of resort. A shared chalet is even less costly unless you are traveling in a large group.

To find the best deals, research and compare menu prices online. Remember to check ahead of the season so as to take advantage of any pre-season offer that may be looming. 

Unless there’s more than four of you, booking with a transfer operator that intends to fill its vehicles is cheaper compared to a private transfer. 

Take Hospitality Exchanges into account

Hospitality exchanges are arrangements that make it possible for travelers to stay with a local who lives in the destination. Normally, the local will give the visitor a place to place their head, plus information and perhaps, even someone to hang out with. Numerous websites facilitate this kind of arrangement at discounted rates.
Another hack to spotting the best holiday accommodation deal is to schedule your booking at a specific time. The technical word used in the travel and tourism industry is “low season” or “off season” You can find amazing deals, with prices slashed up to 70% especially at luxury accommodation resorts. A month in advance is typically the optimum time to land on the most budget-friendly deal.  However, for most hotels and inns, booking further in advance only makes it worse for your pocket. Therefore, research and make the most out of what you find.