In the course of living, there are few who will be able to see beyond the shadows of their own lives to truly witness how the world is behind the veil. If we explore and see with our spiritual eyes, we will notice that the world is full of many planes of existence, many of these are unseen, and many are seen, and felt by those who happen to have the ability to receive these vibrations of consciousness. 

Empathy is being able to link with the environment and to perceive the emotional and mental states of that particular location or person. This trait can be defined as psychic empathy.

Being able to understand the currents of psychic energy that are housed in a person, gives that individual that ability to perform wondrous acts of kindness and grace. A person who has been able to link with their psychic self will be able to see the world in an enlightened state of mentality. These individuals are called psychic empaths, and their world is quite different from what is seen in the public eye. As times change, psychic empaths have been able to find a place for their sensory sensitive lives in today's hectic society.

For those who are born with the knowledge of their gifts of psychic empathy, soon discover that they are better suited at coping with the nuisances of trying to determine if they are a psychic empath, or not. If you are finding it difficult to determine if you are an empath, then here are some steps that will help you to moderate the situation.

Are you a psychic empath: Five simple tips to determine if you have psychic empathy

(1) Are crowded places too much for you to handle?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you are in public? When you have the ability to connect with others in a room or place, the more people that are in that location, the more difficult it is going to be to block or to control all of the emotions and feelings that are coming your way. It is a speaker that is up too loud, it tends to cause those who have empathy to develop an aversion to crowds.

(2) You share physical events with another person or crowd

Do you find that you are experiencing the same health complications that your spouse or significant other has contracted? Are you feeling ill but without a good reason to be sick? Because of the close connection to a person’s emotional state, you may find that the most common bond is one which results in a physical outcome such as the sharing of physical complications. The psychic implications are when they are sick, you are sick.

(3) Does violence become something to avoid? 

Do the nature of violence and other acts of malice cause you to feel attributes of disgust at the very scene? Do you find that you have a low tolerance for violence and can feel the suffering of others? The fact that you are connected to those around you and the environment, opens a whole gateway of emotions and feelings. Your ability to care reaches an extreme notion as you bond with those around you and the good feelings that can be generated.

(4) Communication is perceived from a full perspective 

Do the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others allow you to know what they are experiencing in their life without confusion or misunderstanding? Because of the psychic connection with others, you will be able to see their lives from their point of view, allowing you to have increased positive responses when communicating with others.

(5) Do people open up to you in discussion? 

Will people open up to you and discuss problems and issues in their lives? If the answer is yes, then most likely the emotional bond that you have with people will flourish and blossom, as long as you don’t become overwhelmed by their state of consciousness.

Having the gift of psychic empathy and having the ability to connect with others is a blessing when it is put to the proper usage. By following these steps, you may be on a road to understanding your psychic life and the mysterious that dwell within it.