Plastic surgery keeps growing every year, and there are about two million procedures taking place in the U.S each year. The number of plastic surgeries has risen by 98% in the last decade. 

Cosmetic surgery is no longer for women only. There has been an increasing number of men undergoing the procedure and account for about a hundred and fifty thousand operations every year. 

Here are some of the common plastic surgery procedures that men undergo. 

1.    Liposuction
Liposuction is a procedure that involves suctions of fat from some parts of the body. The primary goal of the procedure is to provide shapelier and slimmer silhouette. There are two types of liposuction: tumescent and Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction. 

Tumescent liposuction, which is the most popular type, involves infusing a numbing agent and a solution of saline to the area that needs treatment. The liquid with fat is then suctioned out using cannulas. The infusion can lead to fluid retention for short time which diminishes after few days. 

The Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction involves the cannula releasing ultrasonic energy that melts fat for easy suctioning. This type of liposuction has more risk such as risk for external and internal burns. The surgery can also be lengthier. 

2.    Breast Augmentation
There has been an increasing popularity in surgical enlargement of breast among women, and over 350,000 procedures are done each year. Most people undergo surgery when the breast doesn’t develop. This condition is called congenital micromastia. 

There has been an increasing use of silicone implants which was once banned as it was considered a health risk. About 20% of women choose silicone implant saying that silicone has a realistic feel. 

It takes about a week or two to recover. Some other activities like running may require more time. 

3.    Breast reduction
Breast reduction is among the few surgeries that insurance cover. The benefits of the procedure go beyond improved appearance. 

Women with overly large or heavy breast usually have difficulty when searching for fitting clothes. They also experience poor posture and chronic back pain. The surgery to reduce the weight and size of the breast improve posture and relieve back pain. 

4.    Abdominoplasty
Abdominoplasty is commonly called lower body lift or tummy tuck and involves removing excess skin from the abdomen and tightening the remaining skin. 

Abdominoplasty surgery is increasing in acceptance among women with excess skin after pregnancy. There is also an increasing popularity of women who lose weight after undergoing bariatric surgery. The perfect candidate doesn’t have deposits of fat to remove, but there is excess skin hanging.

It takes about two or three weeks for patients to resume normal activities, but most have limitations on physical activities for a longer time. 

5.    Blepharoplasty
People who undergo eye lid reshaping surgery do it to improve vision or for cosmetic reasons. A sagging skin can lead to impaired vision and make people seem to be aging. 

Find an eyelid surgery doctor to reduce all the wrinkling and chronic puffiness on the lower eyelid and get a youthful appearance.

It takes about ten days to recover from the surgery. However, swelling can take weeks or months to be less noticeable. 

6.    Rhinoplasty
This surgery procedure reshapes your nose and brings the balance with the entire face. The surgeon may refine areas of your nose or reduce the overall size for a pleasing appearance. In some cases such as deviated septum, the surgery can improve breathing. 

7.    Gynecomastia treatment
This treatment is a surgery that reduces excessive amounts of tissue in the male breast. There are over 20,000 gynecomastia procedures every year. When genetics causes the excess amount of tissue, this surgery can be a permanent treatment option. 

The growth of breast in men can occur after use of marijuana or steroids. For this case, the breast will continue growing if there is continued use of the drug that causes the growth. Men who are aware that some drugs cause their gynecomastia should stop using it before surgery, or there will be an unideal outcome. 
Men who have huge breast can undergo longer surgery with other procedures to reduce excess skin. 

Surgeons make an incision around the nipples so that the scar won’t be noticeable to a casual observer. Therefore, patients can stay without a shirt after full recovery. 

Most men who undergo the procedure can return work after a week and can return to normal activities after few weeks.