Ethanol fireplaces were introduced like they were heaven sent with no problems whatsoever associated with them. It is true that relative to a conventional fireplace that has a lot of installation bits to it, an ethanol fireplace has a lot of benefits which enable manufacturers to produce beautiful fireplaces which are quite safe. 

This article will identify the aspects you need to consider for ethanol fireplaces before you decide to install one at your home. 

- Ease of usage: No need to chop up dry wood anymore, bring it in your place, go through the entire procedure of lighting it up and ensuring that it is stable. All you need to do is pour a bottle of ethanol in the burner and light it up, which it will in a matter of seconds. The ethanol will also be consumed at quite a reasonable rate so you will not have to rush to replace it again and again.

- Freedom from chimney and fumes: This is perhaps the best part about an ethanol fireplace. You will not have to make way for a chimney forcefully in your house and release harmful fumes in the air which contribute to air pollution among many other things. This is another reason why ethanol fireplaces are promoted; the production of safe fumes makes it much more environmentally friendly, and you will not have to worry about it ruining the air at your place.

- Making way for oxygen: To ignite something and make sure that it stays combusted you will need to ensure a passage of oxygen. If you do not do so then not only will your ethanol fireplace start dimming out but the air in your room will not be breathable. Heat is nice in cold weathers, but not at the cost of easy breathing, so make sure that there is some passage of air to keep you and your fireplace lit up.

- Avoiding cheap ones: These fireplaces are certainly a lot safer than the conventional ones, but that does not make one that is more expensive equally as functional as one that sells for less. The difference is in quality and durability; you do not want combustible ethanol leaking out in your lounge or start putting things around it to fire, so it is best to opt for those which are relatively costly and perform much better.
- Not for large rooms: An ethanol fireplace produces roughly the same amount of heat as a radiator, so do not expect one to suffice for an entire house. 

What design to choose?

There are a lot of ethanol fireplaces in the market in the interior and exterior category. If you want one for inside your place then you will look in the interior range, and vice versa. 

Looking for the best designs with a lot of reliability? Visit for the best designs available in every category you can think of. Do not compromise on the quality of your fireplaces and get one which produces heat in the safest way possible!