Writing can’t be learned overnight but require a lot of practice and continuous improvement. It gets better and better through repetition over time. Experience is the best teacher which definitely fit for essay writing. Here are the important tips to improve your essay writing and accelerate your work.

1.  Prepare an Outline

It is important to prepare an outline as it will help to note the ideas that are in your mind. Think about the main topic and pen down all your ideas related to it.  You can also easily edit the essay if you feel some parts are not matching to the main topic. This will let you stick to the main topic and write an essay that you have planned. Without creating an outline, you will end up writing an essay that will be weaker and requires more time. You can also see what is working and what isn’t. Try to focus on the strengths and improve the weaknesses in the essay writing.  

2. Proper Use of Words

Essay writing doesn’t mean writing just difficult words or good vocabulary but a combination of powerful and emotional words. Use the words which you already know the meaning of. Avoid using bad words in your essay as it degrades its quality. It’s good to select the keyword depending on the topic and writing the essay around it. Avoid using the same keywords again and again as it leads to over optimization. Your essay should be unique and relevant containing the main idea of the topic. Don’t make spelling errors as it lowers the quality of the essay.

For better readability, use transition words and keep its percentage more than 25%. You can use words such as “Moreover”, “Furthermore” and “However” to create the great impact on the readers. These words help to make the argument stronger and the reader feels that they are guided through the problems in your essay to make the right conclusion. Use good vocabulary as it helps you to be more persuasive in nature. You can build your vocabulary through the Merriam Webster dictionary, thesaurus, learn prefix and suffix and root words. 

Put the new words you have learned right away. This will not only help to consolidate your knowledge and at the same time impress the readers.

3. Write How-To type Essay

Try to write on the topic that answers about how something is done. People like to read the essays that provide answers to their queries. Provide how something is done along with inferences and examples. It should be researched and answer the How it can be done by filling the enough content and providing useful information. 

4.  Use Proper Tone, Language and Grammar

The tone of the essay should be clear, concise without any grammatical mistakes. Avoid using long sentences instead keep it short and simple. Don’t use passive sentences more than 10%. You can also hire the writers if you have problems writing the essays.  Even if you are good in writing, then it is good to contact the editors as they make the essays compelling and persuasive.

For more details about hiring writers check out, www.zessay.com and improve your essay writing. The tone of the essay should be interesting and engaging which convince the readers about the topic. Effective punctuation is a vital element in the essay to convey the arguments. Use tools such as Grammarly for proofreading your article.

5. Writing Essays

First of all, start with the body of the essay. Write your main ideas prepared in an outline and support it with the sentences or phrases and complete the paragraph. Fill in the spaces with relevant information that will help in linking all the ideas. After writing the body of the essay, you should write the introduction that attracts the reader’s attention. You can start the introduction with the quotes, summary of your topic or a dialogue. 

Now that you have written the body and introduction, it’s time to conclude the essay. The conclusion is the closure of the topic that sums up your overall ideas and topic. It should consist of 2-3 strong sentences that convince the reader about the topic and why he read it. 

Once you have completed writing the essay, it is crucial to provide the final touches. It is important to pay attention to even a minute detail. Check the order of the paragraphs. Strong points should be in the starting and ending of the essay. If you explain any process then make sure it follows the right order. Review your essay and check the grammar, spelling errors and duplicate content. Finally, read the essay and check if it makes sense, sentences follow the proper flow and phrases are connected properly. 

Final Thoughts

Follow the above tips and write stellar essays. Remember even the best writer makes mistake so hire an editor to have the essay free from all the errors and mistakes.