The email marketer uses bulk emailing service providers like MDirector to facilitate the process of bulk mail sending and for analyzing the response of their emails. The email marketing campaigns have been proven to be a desirable marketing medium by the sheer numbers of emails sent on the daily basis. Out of these 140 billion emails sent daily, the need of an email marketer, to stand out is a prerequisite for their success. 

This need can be satisfied by following and considering the strategies that are effective and are backed by science. These strategies can act as a guide to do bulk mailings, which are based on the strategy used by the various successful senders. A successful sender is the one that got their email opened and at least one of the links given in the email is clicked.

Personalizing the email

The success of the email marketing is dependent on the relationship that can be formed between the email marketer and the recipient. A personalized greeting may backfire due to the existing scenario of identity-related crimes. This is confirmed in a study done by Temple's Fox School of Business. So instead of forcing an ill-timed familiarity focusing on the recipient’s individuality will be beneficial. This individuality can be based on their purchase history, their location, etc.

Subject line

The subject lines are important to your email marketing campaign and it should not be in the dead zone or between 60 to 70 characters. The study conducted by Adestra on the basis of tracking 900 million emails mentions the following

The subject line with 60 to 70 characters generates the least response.
The subject line having more than 70 characters have a better click response.
The subject line having 49 characters or lower gave the highest open rate.

Email Timing

The ideal time to send emails is often the most confusing part. As per a report by Experian Marketing Services, the emails sent between 8.00pm to 12.00 am received the best open rates. These emails also had better click rates and sales conversions. 

Another ideal time is during the weekends due to lower email traffic in recipient’s inbox. The best way of identifying the ideal timing for your mailing list is regularly testing and analyzing the open and click rate of emails sent at different times. 

Freebies to promote your emails

Your customers love to receive free gifts such as free templates. A study done by Bluewire Media concluded that the preferred freebies on the basis of the highest click and open rates are templates and tools. The best freebie that will enhance your click or open rates need to be tested by you and you can start with the above result.

Mobile friendly emails

According to Litmus, an email marketing Company, 47 percent of emails were opened on mobile devices. So designing the email to a single column template with the elements that you would like to be clicked, placed in screen center. Mobile compatible font size and easily visible call-to-action should also be considered.

One of the other things that you can do is re-engaging the inactive members of your mailing list. As per a study, a total of 63percent of the members of the mailing list remains inactive. It means turning them active will be a huge boost to your business. As compared to the social media, the emails are still the better option for marketing campaigns and they yield better results. 

SocialTwist concluded in a study that a total of 48percent sales conversions came from Twitter and Facebook whereas email by itself, was responsible for about 51percent conversions. This proves the importance of implementing email marketing campaigns.