You have probably heard of someone or the other who has become an overnight sensation or something with Instagram and is now earning money while sitting at home and posting a thing or two? Maybe you know someone like that. It is also possible that this person did not give you much of an answer when you asked how this happened; this is where we step in.

Whatever you do, you must remember that to get popular enough to start earning, you will need a huge number of followers to keep followers entertained by whatever you post. You must also post interesting things regularly and not spam their news feeds with posts which they have no interest in.

Keep in mind that there is no shortcut to success and earning money even through Instagram will require good effort on your part. Maybe you will even have to invest some money of your own before you begin getting an income of sorts. With that said, let us begin.


If you have a huge number of Instagram followers, you could earn some cash by giving people a chance to be featured on your account with whatever content they may have. Since everyone wants to be popular, you will probably get some dough out of this job. You could publicize chefs, beauty bloggers, artists and even photographers. You can even create a separate portal for giving other people a boost on Instagram for any reasonable fee. 


For this, you need some sort of a skillset. For example, if you are an expert at some cuisine and want people to order from you, you could build a good following on Instagram by posting pictures of your food as much as possible. Try to make the food not only look tempting, but sound so too. Yeah that’s right, put in a tempting caption and watch orders swarm over to you. You could do this with anything that can be portrayed visually. 

Another example is of a photographer. Put up professional shoots you have done and events you have covered and make your profile public. If there is an event in your vicinity and people like you, they will call you to cover their event and you will in turn be paid for it. Instagram is the best way to earn for photographers.


For this too, you will need a good number of Instagram followers but this is a great way to earn money. Let us take the example of a beauty blogger. If you give honest opinions and test products on videos and all, you could expect big organizations to pay you for promoting their products on the social web by making paid reviews of the product. This too can work with anything that could be visually appealing. You could be asked to make paid reviews of a clothes brand which is struggling to gain recognition. Professional blogging on Instagram is a great way to earn money, and it is fun too!