The trouble with buying a gift for baby boomers is that they likely already have everything under the sun. Ask them what they’d like and you'll probably get an answer something like, “Oh don’t worry about buying me anything. I have everything I need.”

Of course, nothing is not an option. What can you do? Worry not! Here seven unique gifts for baby boomers – whether you’re a boomer looking for the perfect gift for your spouse or shopping for a boomer who already has everything.

1. Monopoly – It Is Your Parents’ Game

You probably grew up playing Monopoly, but giving the classic board game as a gift might seem a bit farfetched. Turns out giving a Monopoly game as a gift is not so weird. Hasbro makes a variety of different Monopoly game editions, including a 40th Anniversary Special Star Wars edition. Past editions also appealing to boomers, such as a Beatles edition, are available from a variety of sellers.

1. A Real Flower That Lasts Forever

Got a friend or significant other who’s a bit of a romantic? If buying traditional red roses seems a bit cliche, consider a new take on that old favorite. One idea is The Eternity Rose – a real flower that actually lasts forever.

Fun bit of trivia: Boomer-age rock icon and amateur golfer Alice Cooper really seemed to enjoy his gold-dipped golf ball from the maker of Eternity Rose.

3. Custom iPhone Case

Baby boomers love their iPhones. They know how to customize their homescreens with favorite photos and use different ring tones for different callers. If the boomer in your life loves her phone, a custom iPhone case is the perfect gift. Select from ready-made images or, for a gift she’ll really love, upload one of her favorite photos and have the cover custom made.

Got a friend with a sense of humor? Check out Macworld’s list of the 24 weirdest iPhone cases ever.”

4. Bed & Breakfast Stay

Did you know that three out of four Bed & Breakfast guests are 45 years old and older? Many boomers prefer the home-like feel of a B&B over the less personal atmosphere of a hotel. That’s why a gift certificate for a stay at a nearby B&B makes a great gift for baby boomer couples in your life. Need specifics? Here’s a Buzzfeed list of amazing B&Bs to try.

5. The Gift that Gives Back

Baby boomers have a history of social involvement from protesting the Vietnam War to active participation in current movements they care about. Gifts that give back fits right in with the boomer lifelong philosophy of making the world a better place. Gifts range from providing mosquito netting where malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses are common to emergency classroom funds.

6. Virtual Reality Headset

If Virtual Reality (VR) and baby boomers sounds like a mismatch, think again. Although the average VR user is a millennial gamer, boomers are also taking to VR. Thanks to Google Earth VR and similar programs, boomers travel to exotic places and see rare animals in their natural habitats. They’re also getting into VR games.

7. Coloring Books for Grownups

Coloring books for grownups have gotten a lot of positive press lately. The designs are more intricate and complex, of course, but the creativity that goes into each page is magical. Adult coloring books not only help users relieve stress but bring back the childhood joy of having a new box of crayons and a drawing waiting to be brought to life.