Long gone is the time when you needed huge capital investment to commence a business, now all you need is an idea, and you’re good to go.

Entrepreneurs these days can bring their ideas to life without much capital investment due to the widespread influence of Internet and the social media. They can utilize the internet to get solutions for their queries and leverage social media to approach and target customers, minimizing the costs of startup. 

There are tons of business ideas that you can execute without much capital investment and close-to-none fixed costs. Here are some of the best ideas that require small capital and offer high ROI.

Travel Planner

For those who are adventure enthusiasts, can commence travel planning services with extremely low or no start-up capital. Travel planning includes no fixed costs and very low variable costs, and that’s the best part. You can plan tours for others and charge commission over the total cost from the comfort of your home. 
In order to commence and operate a travel planning business, you’ll only need access to a PC, Internet, and phone, which is quite cheap both in short-term and long-term.

Home Caterer/Event Planning

Home catering is actually quite a profitable business these days. People tend to seek assistance for events these days hence there’s a significant demand for home caterers and event planners. You can collaborate with someone or hire a few individuals to assist you with business and can include cooking, serving, and decoration in your package. 

A home catering business requires low start-up capital as you’ll only need crockery, which you can rent and some food supplies initially. These things don’t cost much and you can make a good profit by charging whatever you think is appropriate to your customers.

This business includes zero fixed costs and some variable costs to buy food inventory and buy/rent/replace crockery. 

Moreover, as people tend to spend more and more money on weddings, home caterers and event planners can earn a handsome amount as the ROI in this kind of businesses is quite high.

T-Shirt Printing

Printed or graphic T-shirts are quite popular these days, and consumers usually pay high prices for custom T-shirts. You can either create a series of t-shirts to target mass market or can offer customized T-shirt according to the requirements of your customers and go for niche marketing. 

This, again, is quite a profitable business as you can sell a T-shirt for double or triple its original price after customizing it.

The only startup capital you’ll ever need for this business is the sum to purchase a heat press, and that’ll enable you to print over T-shirts yourself. 

If you’re really inspired by this idea and are looking forward to starting a T-shirt printing business, here’s a guide on how to use a heatpress machine.


If you want to earn and have absolutely no idea that seems feasible, become a tutor. Yes, it’s that simple. Tutoring involves absolutely no costs as it is based entirely on your skills and efforts. If you have a knack for any subject, you can teach it to others and earn quite a few bucks.